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first i thought that a non muslim cannot go into a mosque,I AM A HINDU.

but today i go to buy an koran,than i go to mosque,and i pray with thousands of muslims.


they do worship in so much disciplane and manners.

I THOUGHT THAT ALL RELIGIONS ARE GREAT,BUT THERE ARE SOME FOLLOWERS WHo are idot who kill innocent humans in name of religion.

love to all muslims brothers.

salam,today is one of my greatest day of life,when i go in mosque and pray,that feeling was divine and i feel god in mosque.

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    I m also a Hindu i found your question little boring but i really liked some of the answers here and it was a great experience. Suddenly i came to a realization that every religion is great when it comes to leg

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    first of all plz tell me wheter u r a critian or a hindu u meintioned both here

    well i have been there too and i m a far as i can understand u r impresed n u enjoy and feel too relax there.i will not tell u what is the truth islam or cristianity.i leave it upon u .it is to judge what is thruth find it if u r intresting in islam u will find it out.

    to see point of vives of both religions of the xperts that is the most improtent link u have ever seen on the net as i think.

    download "quran and the bible in the light of science"

    all videos of it and see all of them

    that will answer of all the thing u may ever think or u have been told about islam and critianity

    this video is suficiant to find out what is the true religion according to the logic and science also.hope this will will help u .....

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    Hey! Are you Christian or Hindu?? Or a God as your avatar state?

    Anyways, the feeling you had in mosque is the same feeling you may have in any other 'holy' place like church and so on..

    I mean that the places people worship God in are full of spiritual and peaceful atmosphere.


    Source(s): I am Muslim by the way.
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    Good for you! I am not Muslim, I am a Christian. However, I know that feeling when you do something for God in a new way, and it just feels so right. I'm very glad that you feel so great about what you did. Ask God to guide your heart, and follow it. You can't go wrong if you do that. I believe we all are intended to follow our different paths to God. This one may be yours. God bless.

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    You are, in fact, a changeling.

    In the question you claim to be a xian, in the body you change into a Hindu!!!

    First decide what you are, before I start believing an iota of what you wrote.

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    Okay.. Am happy you had a great experience.. =)

    Btw.. Am not a muslim Brother (ovi) But i answered anyway

    Source(s): Agnostic
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    muslims cant be christian because they do not believe in the divinity of christ


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