Song about abortion? Michael W. Smith?

I work at a Christian radio station and a listener called to ask which Michael W. Smith song is about abortion or choosing life instead of abortion. I can't find anything like that and the station manager is in a meeting. They are trying to hold a mother's day celebration for those who chose life for their babies, any ideas which song this could be or of any others?

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    1 decade ago
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    the song is called *its my life*

    the lyrics go:

    its my life and my body

    if i dont want stretch marks

    or morning sickness

    or responsibilities

    that I might be equipped to handle

    I should be able to choose

    to terminate the zygote

    that leeches

    off my body

    and makes me puke my brains out

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  • 1 decade ago

    I am a big M.W. Smith fan and I am unaware of the song the other person posted. There is a lyric in one of his songs that says where are the where are the children who never the left the womb. Something along that line. Give me a minute and I'll try and find it. The song is calling Heaven and is on the album I'll lead you home. Not only about abortion though. Okay the lyric goes like this. What of the babies who have never left the womb breathing in the lifeline, angels in waiting gone before they could be given wings to fly.

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  • 4 years ago

    <<If abortion is legal, then how come countries that allow it consider killing a fetus a murder ?>> Just because something it legal doesn't mean it's right. <<If abortion is legal then we should assume that fetus is not a human.>> There's a reason you can't spell 'assume' without '***'. People who assume too much end up making asses of themselves. <<But in countries <snip> murder, how come?>> Doesn't make sense, does it - and yet, there you are advocating people merely ASSUME the government is right! <<The contest of the woman, being legal, and the medical procedure is not excuse neither a difference. So it is either both are murder or both are NOT. Right ?>> WRONG! <<Marc, perhaps you are too id**t to understand the question and put the answer "Not">> Ad hominem attacks hurt your credibility. Perhaps Marc, like me, doesn't see too much in the way of credibility when reading your question. <<mnwomen you are <snip> is NOT murder.>> The term "fetus" literally means "the young in the womb". The fetus IS a living human being. Life begins at conception, not birth nor some arbitrary point in between. Therefore, every abortion constitutes the murder of an unborn human being. <<If it is NOT human then killing it is NOT a murder.>> But the fetus IS human. Therefore, abortion IS murder. <<No difference between <snip> and stupid imagination.>> What's so narrow minded about acknowledging the unborn for the living human beings they are? Since you're unable to do that, wouldn't that suggest your mind is in fact more narrow than mine? <<Billy, did you <snip> person NOT two.>> That just goes to show how schizophrenic human institutions can be - and you want to ASSUME such an institution (the government) is right.

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  • 5 years ago

    the song is called ´´We can´t wait any longer´´.

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  • Breiga
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    1 decade ago


    a christian radio station?

    that sounds lame.

    Source(s): pro-choice godless heathen
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