Should it really matter if a baseball player still has options or not?

The reason for my question is what is going on in Tampa Bay......Scott Kazmir is coming back from the DL this week. I am not arguing that. What I get disgusted with is that they are thinking about sending Andy Sonnanstine to the minors or the bullpen because he still has options. Besides James Shields, Sonnanstine has been the Rays hottest pitcher. If Garza struggles today, they need to send him to the minors to get him better. What do you think about the topic of player options?

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    Remember, some guys are getting paid a ton of money (yes even guys we never heard of) so the GM, President, etc...will demand certain players stay in the bigs and take their lumps....Especially pitchers...

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    In this context, an option is the right which a Major League team has to send a player on its Major League roster to the minor leagues for more seasoning. Typically, a team has three yearly options which it can use on a player. Once a team has exhausted its options on a player, it cannot send him to the minor leagues without placing him on waivers, and therefore exposing him to being claimed by every other team in the majors. A player who is sent to the minor leagues on option must remain on the team's major league roster. The alternative is to send the player to the minor leagues "outright". This means that the player cannot be brought back without clearing waivers first, and may become a free agent if he has sufficient years of service. The entire minor league option system was designed to prevent players from being buried in the minor leagues forever, by forcing teams to make a decision within a limited number of years on whether or not they can use a player in the Major Leagues.

    I'm guessing somebody like Garza maybe out of options and the Rays don't want to risk losing him.

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    outline cost. you may say that Derek Jeter would not carry out as a lot because the criteria of his present day settlement. and honestly, the info might want to again up that declare. yet what Jeter does, is placed followers interior the stadium. there develop right into a livid uproar at the same time as he sat out the All-movie star recreation. at the same time as the Yankees come to city, the followers come out to visual show unit Arod, Jeter and Rivera, no longer some thing else of the Yankees. And bringing in gross revenues honestly lives as a lot as a significant challenge that vendors of a crew have. The Dodgers overpaid for Manny Ramirez, yet he generated 1000's of tens of millions of bucks in gross revenues for the crew. gross revenues that disappeared presently after he develop into no longer in Dodger Blue. So merely because they are no longer appearing at an All movie star high quality factor does no longer recommend they are no longer earning their settlement.

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    yes it matters. If you have a pitcher who is out of options who is struggling, but you think he will rebound and do much better, you would hate to lose him to another team especially if you think his poor play is going to go away soon.

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