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Anonymous asked in HealthOther - Health · 1 decade ago

How can I strengthen my child's immunity system?

I have a two yrs old who got sick very often (twice per month). Usually started with cough, then running nose, then fever (~101F)....the cough last quiet long too...when she coughs she coughs very hard and continusely for about one minute. I am so worried. Will she gets asthma as she grow older? What can I give her to eat to strengthen her immunity system? Thank you.

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    You should absolutely have her checked out to make sure she doesn't have chronic bronchitis or an early form of asthma or even something more severe like an autoimmune disorder or cycstic fibrosis (which can be deadly if not treated early). Also, her hands need to be washed frequently and your house needs to be wiped down with lysol or bleach.

    Chances are she's getting reinfected. She wipes her nose then she touches a toy. She then puts her hand in her mouth now she's got her nasal bacteria in her mouth. She gets better and later on goes to play with that toy - now she's got her old bacteria right back on her hand and then puts her fingers in her mouth or rubs her eyes or up her nose. Also her pillowcases and blankets should be washed after each infection. However, have her checked out first.

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  • earles
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    3 years ago

    exciting which you're worried approximately giving antibiotics to babies by using fact of a few obscure connection with immunity structures yet do no longer even develop the questions approximately antibiotics for viral ailments like the chilly the place there is little information for utilising them and important information of the dangers of starting to be antibiotic resistant strains of germs that would desire to be susceptible. How some balanced weight loss plan and a brilliant number of exercising?

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