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plz help : eng

1)catered meals have become the norm in recent years as the education bureau

has phased out the half-day system in favour of fully-day classes for primary


what does"norm" mean in chinese in this sentence?

2)while the internet offers us more options for things like shopping, reading

and dating, the fast-growing and free-wheeling medium has become a court of appeal for the public.

what does " free-wheeling " and "a court of appeal" mean in chinese?

3) cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly sophisticated, with progressively more treatments available for those who wish to chase physical perfection.

what does" sophisticated" mean in chinese in this sentence?

4) mainlanders have better language skills, more ideas and are proactive.

what does " proactive" mean in chinese in this sentence?

is it mean積極?

thz a lot!!

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    Norm means certain proper behaviour or pattern of lifestyles in certain or specific occasions. The Chinese meaning is標準/典範. For example you should not wear pyjamas when you go to the office or go to schools. The norm in the eating habit for the Chinese is holding chopsticks wheras the Indonesians prefer to eat by their hand.

    free-wheeling medium 可譯作免費流通的媒界a court of appeal中文解作上訴庭。a court of appeal在亙聯網世界裡可解作一個墾求援助之場地。

    sophisticated in chinese mean 成熟世故,很有經驗

    proactive" in this sentence in Chinese mean積極,支持,不反對,親中的意思

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