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    As of the situation now, we cannot deny the fact that this young man is not yet imposing big effect. However at the same time you should not say such sarcastic remarks on him in this occasion, and make up a story out of any supporting fact. While you are making negative comments on other people with your small tricks, you are actually showing yourself as an immoral person.

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    As things happened, we should admit that this kid is not yet a big gun.

    However, you should not be that sarcastic in this occasion. Making rumours and being such a sneaker is just too rude.

    This is absolutely not how a gentleman would behave himself.

  • Now things, things to this point, we can not deny that this man does not Chengqi Hou, but you should not be on this occasion said Feng Lianghua, rumors trouble, and you dependable you are a small non-smart deliberately搬弄matter, there really is not gentlemanly behaviour.


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    Up until now, we cannot deny that this young man is still immature in the current circumstance. However, you should not give sarcastic remarks and make up stories in this situation. It is definitely not a gentleman-like behavior for you to gossip (using your little witty brain).

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    I think you may use "the kid" as 小伙子. It is more colloquial.

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    At this moment, the matter to this situation, we have not been able to deny that this young fellow indeed has not made a name, but you should not speak the wind discouraging talk in this situation, spreads rumors and causes trouble, but you rely on your cleverness in trivial matters to show off the matter intentionally must, solid is not the gentleman behavior.

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