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推徵大學要用的英文自傳 希望大家能幫我翻譯














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    On the self:

    18-year-old, is just to high school students into the University of lively, cheerful personality, independent, usually enthusiastic about helping others, like jokes. I am optimistic about the bottlenecks encountered at the Association to find ways to break through, not Zibaoziqi. Favorite leisure activities are listening to music, playing basketball, Play sing, walk, walk, I can feel relaxed, no pressure. In the schools and students live in harmony, good interpersonal Kansai.

    Family life:

    The main members of the family is still my mother, because everything is so single-parent families have to own it, I also develop an independent personality and not give up easily, often able to overcome setbacks. Her mother's thinking is very open-minded in my life played an important color in the foot, the man I most important thing is "honest."

    Mother is my greatest spiritual pillar, always timely to encourage me, so I can spend growth of each trough.

    School career:

    I changed the most is the small school process, on a five-year, I was a personality to the silent and girls, teachers are also asked me to take care of me learning to speak more open, gradually, I changed the open. Or high school life more free, also changed the relatively fond of playing, but reading has not perfunctory. On outstanding academic performance in handling matters of attitude often can also be commander's approval. The carefully to the teacher to teach, I train a lot of skills, but also admitted to one of the licenses, although the process difficult, but all the efforts are worth it.


    In the coming days, hopes to better equip themselves with multi-directional learning and absorbing all kinds of information, let others be themselves become necessary, those who contribute to society.

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    Because □must push in a big way □therefore wants □an English from □

    Hopes everybody to be able □□I under □Rong Fancheng the English

    Did obeisance □each

    Really extremely feels grateful > "<

    □to oneself:

    This year 18 □, is □□wants in a big way □□□lives □高中生, □the nature □is bright, □stands, the even □□heart helps the person, also happy □□joke. □□I meet the bottle □□□□to think □the law breakthrough, not □from storm from □. Happy □rests □lives □has □the sound □, hits □the ball, □the qin sings, takes a walk, takes a walk can □I □□□, □□the strength. In □school □with □□harmonious, the person □□west is very good.

    Family life:

    Family □main Cheng? is □□□has me, because □is □□the family therefore everything all must own □, □also □become me □to set up also not □Yi Fang? □the nature, comes across the setback often all to be able to overcome. □□the thought □clearly acts the important □color very much in mine life, teaches me to be the person most to be important is "□□".

    The mother □is I biggest spiritual prop, □is can □□drum □I, □I can □Cheng?zhong each □ebb tide.

    Asks □the profession:

    Changes □me many is □small asks □□the regulation, on five years □I, was □□the nature □to also the silence young female student, old □illuminated very much □I also was called me □□□the mouth □□, □□, I □□was bright. Rises the high school life to be more free, also □the ratio □□plays, but □Yu?? the beginning □does not dare □the tiger. In □□on the table □□, □the principle matter □often also can obtain □□□□□. Teaches in the old □□heart □under, □I cultivated □the multi- skills, also tested one □□□illuminated, □however □the regulation was laborious, □all diligently all was not is worth.

    Self- time □:

    In not □the day □hope can □more sufficient □own, the multi- positions □□, absorb each □□□, □own Cheng?neng is needed by □the person, □society □has □□person.

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