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請問SOP, SIP, SUP, SMP 是什麼,如何定議?

請問製造業的SOP, SIP, SUP, SMP 是什麼,如何定議?

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    SOP---standard operating procedure 標準作業程式

    SIP-Session initiation Protocol (SIP)


    Sailors' Union of the Pacific

    Socialist Unity Party

    Scottish Unionist Party (modern), established in the mid 1980s

    Stanford University Press

    SUP Fabrik or Sup Fabrik, a Russian internet company

    Selective Ultraviolet Phototherapy

    Software Upgrade Protocol

    Spherical Unit Provided, a french heavy-metal band

    Superior Industries International Inc.

    Stand up paddle surfing

    Society for Ultrastructural Pathology

    Carnegie Mellon Software Upgrade Protocol

    SMP ---

    social marginal productivity 社會邊際生產力

    sound motion picture 有聲電影

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    SOP=Standard operation procedure, 管製造

    SIP =Standard inspection procedure, 管檢驗(保證無早夭)

    SUP=Standard use procedure, 管使用

    SMP=Standard maintenance procedure, 管維修

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