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march asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

[急]請幫忙中翻英 很急 贈20點






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    When I am watching the street bustling with activity outside the window, the majority of heaving in sight is a companion that combined because of liking in pairs, perhaps is the innocent and pure little lover hand in hand, perhaps it is for the busy young couple who strove of life too, support old wife of an old fellow like me of all one's life perhaps even more, when I see oneself, I can't help beginning to imagine: Ideal lover, I of mind

    as regards appearance, I is it is it let people have comfortable girl students of sense to seem to incline, the cheek is not used beautifully, the stature needn't be hot, needn't make up and wipe gaudily thick, it has good manners so long as seem clean, let people think of the feeling on intimate terms her,

    As regards individual character, I hope he is an optimistic and optimistic person, often hang the smile on the face, and that smile seems to dissolve all worried magic power, bring the happiness for my life; I hope too he is a girl student who likes sports, general like me, we can play ball in the gymnasium together, run on the playground, write the sweat of the youth freely and easily together; I hope even more he shows consideration for the understanding girl student, can accompany me when I am sad, in my garbage bin; Can wilful when I am busy, will at one's side support I quietly, encourage me, she, pours into a whiff of strong energy in my life, it is a fountainhead of my vigor!

    If life it has to be then one girl really, I think I will certainly also want the happiness than no one!

    Finally, hope everybody can find one's own Mrs.Right, if you have, then congratulate you! Bless you! Because should find how difficult two persons in love are! If you have not met yet, it doesn't matter! See you around carefully! Perhaps she is just at your side, if you find, hold carefully, brave public notice! ! !

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  • 阿ken
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    1 decade ago

    When I look at the window-hee to Rang to the streets, the most eye Yingru pair is due to the combination of love and partner, is perhaps the innocent lover of small hand-in-hand, may be busy Work hard but for the life of young couples, more Perhaps between the Laofulaoqi of supporting life, when I look at themselves, I can not help but start to imagine: I have in mind the ideal Valentine's

    On the appearance, I tend to look people are uncomfortable sense of the girls, not pretty face and is not hotties, not Nongzhuangyanma, as long as it is clean temperament, people have to get close to her feeling,

    On the personality, I hope he is optimistic about the bright, smiling face hung from time to time, and that smile seems to have resolved all the problems of magic, for my life happy and I hope he is a favorite sport of girls , Like me, we can play together in the gym, running on the playground, together with sweat, Huisa youth, I also hope that he is considerate savvy girls, to accompany me when I am sad, when I refuse Barrels in the busy I will not willful, in the silence around the support me, encourage me, she, in my life into a powerful energy, I was the source of vitality!

    If life is really a girl then, I think I will certainly more than any people to happiness!

    Finally, hope everyone can find their own Mrs.Right, if you already have, Congratulations! Bless you! Because to find the two men were in love, how Burongyia if you have not, okay! Carefully to see See you around! Perhaps she around you, if you found, to capitalise on, brave confession!!

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