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    Dwight David Ai SenHao, often called Ai Ke, the 34th president of U.S.A. affectionately. Sen Ai graduate from West Point Military School of the name at the bold youth. During World War II, serve as U.S.A. stay Europe region of war commandant and supreme commanders of expeditionary army of allied forces successively, he is having ability very much to organize and coordinate the respect related to troops of the allied states of different country's benefits, good at the plan, it is resolute to handle affairs , has gained extensive trust and support. He was promoted to the five-star general of ground force in 1944. He withdrew from the military circles in 1952, participated in running for the presidency successfully, and was reappointed two. He has gone through the stable , prosperous period after the war in the American society during tenure of office, sign " Korea truce agreement ", is it interfere Middle East area affairs to propose ' end the bold doctrine full of trees '. Continue pursueing the cold war policy, advocate retaliating against strategy on a large scale , expand nuclear weapons production, accelerate the air force of the development strategy. He supports all to object to Russian regime . The government of the Republic of China sows and moves after Taiwan, he visits the Taiwanese US President firstly during the term of office.

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