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In waves throughout the ‘70s and ‘80s, new segments of the population became aware of the devastating consequences of our animal-centered diets. Frances Moore Lappe’s book, Diet for a Small Planet (1971), introduced many to the effects on the environment and human hunger, and interest in vegetarianism began to grow in middle class America. Laurel’s Kitchen (1976) examined the human health issues and nutritional considerations involved in planning a balanced vegetarian diet. This was followed by numerous successful cookbooks, such as Moosewood Cookbook (1977), which provided immensely appealing recipes using milk products and eggs along with plant foods. Soon people discovered that quiche, grilled cheese sandwiches, and three-cheese lasagna could contribute to weight gain and a rise in cholesterol as easily as a meatcentered diet. Because dairy products lack iron and interfere with absorption of this mineral, iron-deficiency anemia became a problem for some vegetarians who relied on dairy, rather then legumes, as primary protein sources. Nutrition textbooks of the day often included information about vegetarian diets in the “fad diet” section of the book. Reader were cautioned that vegetarianism was risky and even downright dangerous for children.


(How is "vegan" pronounced? In North America and the U.K, the correct premedication is "veegun." You may hear other pronunciations as well, such as "vee-gn," "vay-gn," and "vee-gan.")


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    在整個七十年代和八十年代,新階層的人口才知道我們動物為本的飲食的毀滅性後果。弗朗西斯穆爾的書,這個小星球的飲食( 1971年) ,提出了許多影響到對環境和人類的飢餓,以及素食的興趣,開始在美國的中產階層成長。 Laurel公司的廚房( 1976年)研究人類健康和營養問題的考慮,所涉及的規劃,一個均衡的素食。在此之後的許多成功的烹飪,如moosewood菜譜( 1977年) ,其中規定,極大地呼籲食譜用牛奶產品和雞蛋,隨著植物性食品。很快人們發現,基切,烤奶酪三明治,和3 -奶酪lasagna可能有助於體重增加和膽固醇上升,很容易作為一個meatcentered的飲食習慣。因為奶類製品缺乏鐵和干擾吸收這種礦物,缺鐵性貧血已成為一個問題,一些素食者誰依賴於乳製品,而不是當時的豆類,作為主要蛋白質來源。營養教科書的一天,往往包括信息的素食飲食中的“時尚飲食”一節一書。讀者被告誡說,素食是冒險,甚至簡直是危險的兒童。

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