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    According to the research result on different age group, the major difference reflects from the price of coffee. Middle school student's drink much less coffee relative to others while university students choose coffes that are cheap and good. Convenient stores and fast food restaurants have also released coffee to gain market share since it becomes more widely available. Adults choose coffee that are more pricey but at better atmosphere cafes. Besides having more professionally made cofee, the atmosphere of the cafe is also important because it allows office deals/talks to take place there. An interesting phoenomenon suggests that most university studetns choose to drink coffee during finals period and many seem to drink it everyday such that without coffee they seem to lack the energy to meet daily work tasks. For adults above age 40, the frequency of coffee drinking declines because they are aware of the negative impacts of drinking coffee everyday on health.

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    結果顯示喝咖啡的行為在不同年齡層間確實存在差異。」 =>

    The studies on the behaviour of coffee drinking does differ among different age group.

    「中學生喝咖啡次數原本就少,且不受價格影響」=> The middle school students usually drink less coffee and hence are not subjected to changes in price.

    「另一種有趣的現象顯示」改成「研究中另外還發現」=> The research also found out

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    According to different age groups by the survey results show that the difference would be reflected in the price of coffee on secondary school students during the coffee the number is relatively small, while university students choose the price is usually cheaper and drinking coffee , Convenience stores and launched by Susi Dian also attack the coffee market, to buy coffee more convenient as people prefer to drink a climate of higher prices have cafes, in addition to more professional can drink good coffee, the cafe's atmosphere So that workers can talk about official business. Another interesting phenomenon, a majority of university students in the face of Dakao will choose to coffee to help refreshing, some people drink every day, no more coffee seems unable to cope with the spirit of a long day, while adults over the age of 40 Reduction in the number of coffee, because they realize that every day a cup of coffee on health have a certain negative impact.

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    二  將對中學生的討論移到後面,改成「中學生喝咖啡次數原本就少,且不受價格影響」這樣主題就扣住了。另外把文中「另一種有趣的現象顯示」改成「研究中另外還發現」,並可由此另起一段,作為主要研究結果外的附帶發現

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    According to the result of investigation done to the different age groups, different sex will reflect the price of coffee. Middle school students drink coffee less, however university students will select cheap and good taste coffee. The coffee sold in the convenience store and fast food store also attack the marketplace. So buying coffee is more convenient. Adults comparatively like to drink expensive coffee at a coffee shop with good atmosphere. Except having specialized good coffee to drink, the atmosphere of the coffee shop let the working people to discuss their work. The other interesting thing is most of the university students will choose coffee to freshen themselves when they are going sit for the final exam. Also there are people who drink coffee everyday. They can't cope with the whole day if they don't drink coffee. But over 40 adults drink less because it'll influence their health if they drink coffee everyday.

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