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Are you happy?

Truly happy, as in you are happy with your situation, you are happy with everything you have and accomplished? Is it possible to be truly happy?

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    I'm not happy - no there are things that I wish I wasn't doing and things that I wish I could repeat. Things that I've missed out on. But today I'm happy. Not many will say that waiting for a friend for 20mins at a train station, getting a coffee- then having to run after the tram with coffee flying all over the place only to miss it, and have to walk in the rain up the hill to school in 10mins - and ducking in and out of shelter because your friend didn't want her hair went a happy and end up late to class - soaked to the bone and drank only 3 mouthfuls of coffee as the rest was either spilt onto the street or onto my hands a happy situation.

    But I say that today was a good day. I'm happy because I laughed more than I have in a while, and it's really possible to be happy, depends on how you look at the situation and what sort of people your around.

    I wish I had days like today all the time. Running in the rain and just making the best of the situation is undescribeable to me.

  • Nat
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    No, I'm not completely happy. My family situation sucks big time, my life's goals have been turned upside down, and I am constantly battling in regards to my son's Aspergers...


    I do make the best of every situation good or bad, and I do give myself a high 5 for all small accomplishments these days, and I ensure I greet the world with a smile no matter how I am feeling. I find at the end of the day I feel a lot happier than I probably should...lmao!

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    The only thing that I'm happy about is finishing school. Other than that, I'm not so happy with the current situations I am dealing with in my life. But one day, it has to get better.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. No I'm not happy with my situation.

    2.No I'm not happy with everything I've accomplished

    3. No to me it's not possible to be truly happy.

    I feel like being a pessimist today. :-(

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    No, to be truly happy, I will be successful, I will appreciate and spend time with my friends and family, I will be content with what I have, I will serve in the military, and I will be a productive citizen. I will be happy though!

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    I'm happy at the moment, but then things won't stay the same all the time. I'm really in love with myself right now. I'm well-rounded at last and I'm happy that I've finally realized what I live for (friends, family, WRITING).

    What makes me even happier is that I used to be really depressed. You know, crying in bed, stuff like that. And I'm really glad I managed to get past that :)

  • Anonymous
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    i think we have happy times. but there is always going to be things in our lives that aren't perfect or dont make us truly happy. happiness is more of a state of mind

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    there's ALWAYS something thats in the least bit annoying to you or thats bad in your life even if you have the best life possible. but i think that if you can look past the bad things and be optimistic about them i think you can truly be happy. its possible.

    im happy right now. maybe not truly happy but happy nonetheless.

  • zephir
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    no, i hate my life, my job, and how i have to pay the union so i can keep my job. I hate the state government , i hate society, i hate the governor, which at first i thought he was okay, but now he's an idiot. i hate president bush ,and i hate stupid people.

    its possible to be truly happy, all you need is infinite wads of money.

    Source(s): what retard said money can't buy happiness? I need to find him and perhaps beat some sense into him.
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    Not me. I'm 58 became disabled and cant work. Trying to keep a roof over our heads, food on the table and help the kids with school.

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