bare minerals? bare escentuals? sheer cover? mineral silk? whats ACTUALLY better?

i know theres no "right answer". but i use the bare minerals mineral veil part, and thats it. (my skin gets really shiny sometimes) but i think it makes me break out. im not positive. but im pretty sure. and i dont really want any color. i basically just want something to make my face less shiny. any suggestions? specific products? should i try another kind of mineral thing?

any input is helpfull. thank youu. =]

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    Bare Minerals is made by Bare Escentuals. Bare Minerals is their Make-Up line. The Mineral Veil shouldn't break you out. It could be something else you are using like your moisturizer, acne medication etc. It is corn starch based. That is what absorbs the oil and controls shine. Other then that none of the other ingredients in it are know to cause break-outs. There is nothing in it to clog your pores. This means it's not the Mineral Veil. As far as the other brands you mentioned. None are as pure as Bare Minerals. NEVER use talc or a product with talc in it. Talc sits on the skin controlling oil yes but it also clogs your pores and leads to breakouts. Also if you have oily skin talc actually over dries it confusing it into producing more oil leading to yes again more breakouts. I would try changing your skin care routine to something else. Clarins is amazing but expensive. Clinique is a alright as well just make sure to ask for products with no alcohol in it as they can over dry the skin the same as talc. If you want to say good bye to mineral veil all together try Clarins Shine Stopper Powder. It also corn starched based and translucent but not as pure. It is pressed which means there are some additives included in it to keep it in a solid state. I have used it and like the results. It also will not clog pores. Hope this helps. Here is a link to the Clarins product I mentioned.

    Shine Stopper Powder...

    Source(s): I am a professional Make-Up artist and worked as an artist for Bare Escentuals for 5 years.
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    I don't know of anything in the mineral veil that would make you break out but everyone has an allergic reaction to something in thier life. I have tried everything on the market. Bare ecentuals (bare minerals), Raw minerals, sheer cover... The best that I have found is the bare ecentuals by far! I have had a problem since teens that my make up breaks me out. The bare ecentuals is so light and natural looking and I can go to bed with it still on and wake up with absolutely no breakouts. It is amazing and everyone that I talk to I let them know. When you think about how much you spend on make up when you have to try many many different brands and types the cost of the bare ecentuals really isn't that bad. It takes so little to cover that I am still on my introductory kit and it has been over 4 months. If it is an opinion you seek Mine is try the bare ecentuals it will well be worth it!

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    Mineral Silk has been working wonders for me. Ever since I switched from Bare Minerals to Mineral Silk I have had no more itching or bumps. They also have concealers and correctors that other companies don't, like there Suck It Up that absorbs oil and makes you less shiny. My Sister n law uses it and she has nasty oily skin and the Suck it up seems to really have controlled it. I also like the Satin Finsher Silk which is like the BM Mineral Veil and has no color. Check out there sample packs you dont have to but a full size first to figure out if it works.

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    the mineral veil shouldnt make you break out unless you have a skin allergy---or maybe your brush is dirty (???). It's pretty pure, so you should be OK with it.

    I've tried bare minerals and bare escentuals and they are the same product. dont know about the other ones, tho.

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    You may be allergic to the bismuth ingredient that is in every brand you have mentioned. I would suggest you lean towards a mineral makeup that does not contain this ingredient. As a professional makeup artist, I reccomend kms mineral essentials. It is bismuth free and outwears the other mineral products I have used on my clients.

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    ive had the best luck with sheer cover

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    None of them are better than talc powder, unless your sensitive to talc.

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