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2005 Ford Escape?

I am looking to buy a 2005 Ford Escape, but the ones that I can afford have higher mileage somewhere between 55-75k. The price that I am looking to pay is around $ this an okay deal and will the car last for a good amount of time? Are there any escape owners out there?

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    have 87K miles on my wife's '05 Escape. It is the V6 and AWD. It is a good little runner. The only problem we have had with it is the fuel pump died at about 75k, but research hasn't shown that it is a common problem so I'm just guessing it was a fluke deal.

    Pretty quiet inside, decent room (I'm 6'2" and fit fine, the back seat is slightly cramped though). It handles well for what it is but is a little squirrelly at higher speeds because of the short wheelbase. Motor make the power up high; starts pullin hard around 4000rpm. Second gear is a jump in the ratio and it falls out of the powerband... Normal driving it has plenty of power. Offroad not so much. My wife for some damn reason loves to take her's to the beach, buried it once. It doesn't have very much suspension travel and no traction control devices. Works well in snow, it doesn't slide unless you make it slide, some wide-open-throttle turns makes for some good 'rally' turns.

    Fuel economy: Unless your mean to it, you will get more than 20. Highway is easy to hit 23-27mpg, city 20-22.

    The spark plugs on the V6 are stupid to change. The front 3 are a cake walk. The rear 3 require you to remove the plastic intake manifold! If you feel inclined go and buy the manifold gaskets and set some time aside. If your feeling a little bit uneasy, take it somewhere, it is easy to screw up and drop something down the port.

    The back seats fold down ALMOST flat. Speakin of back seats. The stupid headrests are right in the way of the mirror to look out the back window. We took them out (super easy to do) since hardly anybody rides back there anyway.

    Oil changes are easier than on my ever so popular 350ci Chevy motor ('97 GMC). The oil filter on the V6 is at the front of the motor and my only complaint is it is directly above the exhaust pipe for that cylinder bank, so oil gets on it.

    That's how I feel about the Escape. I have heard good things from others about theirs, am happy with ours, and wish you the same experience. Your price sounds about right for the mileage.

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    i have never owned an escape but from what i have seen being an auto mechanic, the ford escape is a reliable car. it has in the middle room, in the middle power, but good gas mileage. i have seen more problems with the v-6 engine than with the 4 Cylinder engine so that would be my recommendation. i do have a lot of customers with ford escapes and on the 4 cylinders, all i have had to do is maintenance. many of these are 100k plus miles.i see these trucks lasting for quite a while and the price sounds reasonable. i have heard of car max giving that much for similar v-6 models so buying on for that is great. if you have time, search around because prices on this may get as low as $6K. the more you look the better a deal you will find. i just don't know how much time you are planning b4 you buy. the v-6 models are also quite reliable with the only issues i have seen are emissions related.

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    The price is steep for a Ford that is almost out of warranty. Reliability is not Ford's specialty unfortunately. Besides that, they are user-friendly and nice to drive. I would recommend that you consider a similarly priced Honda or Toyota model that would give you a similar driving experience, with similar roominess, but with much more reliability. This will be most important when you run out of warranty coverage. I would also recommend that you consider taking advantage of the certified used car programs. That being said about Ford, I would suggest that you take a look at Kia's offerings. Kia has really come forward in reliability as well as value. You could probably get a new Kia SUV for about the price of what you are considering with the Ford. H a p p y S a f e D r i v i n g !

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    I don't have an escape but a Ford 500. It has almost 51K on it. We bought it last year w/ about 21K on it for $12,000. Just keep changing the oil, rotating the tires and it should last. But get a mechanic to look at it first if you are concerned if it will last. HOPE this helps!!!


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