Which is a better bike?

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I'm looking for a bike to ride somewhat long distances. Something good enough for a 300 mile ride. I'm not a complete serious rider but do enjoy riding about every other night Thanks!

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  • ttt
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    1 decade ago
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    I'd pick the 2nd bike, the Grand Record. It appears to have better components and I would guess it's the lighter weight bike. However, are you only 5 foot tall? Because if you're more than an inch or 2 taller, that 2nd bike isn't going work! It's 48 cm--made for mini-riders, such as myself!

    The first bike, the Fantom CX, would probably make better sense for touring, especially as it comes in different sizes and already has front and rear braze-ons and eyelets for attaching fenders, racks, and panniers. Not crazy about that cro-moly fork--carbon's lighter and more shock absorbing, and all those "alloy" components? Not even sure what that means, but my guess is it translates into an overall heavier bike that will offer a rougher ride and take more effort to ride than the Grand Record.

    Athough Motobecane isn't especially popular with many "bike snobs", I know a number of people who bought and ride them--and they've been well satisfied.

    OK, so it probably wouldn't be my first choice for a 300 mile ride, but that's only because I'm in that group of "snobs". Really, for the type of riding you described, it should be more than sufficient, and I've been on long-distance rides with others on far lesser bikes, and they did just fine! Better than me, because I'm not an especially strong rider, for which I compensate for by riding a better bike. For what you're getting with a Motobecane though, the price really can't be beat!

    Enjoy your new bike.

  • M V
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    1 decade ago

    The first bike is a cyclocross bike; wider tires, good for commuting and if you routinely ride off road, etc. The second link is for a road bike. Since they cost the same, I dont see much difference other than the type of bike and the double v. triple crank..personal pref there. Either one will allow you to ride all day for any distance.

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    Buy the second listing (2007-aluminum-carbon,etc).

    As a less than serious rider you'll appreciate the triple crankset which will offer you a broader gearing range.

    Also, the carbon fork, the derailleurs and the wheels are superior on this model.

    Don't overlook your local bicycle shop. They often offer free or discounted lifetime maintenance, a benefit that will more than make up the difference in price.

  • Tom
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    1 decade ago

    Oh god, definitely the 2nd one over the 1st. The 1st has cantilever brakes ffs. Nice 105 derailleur, a good chainset and a set of clipless pedals - You might want to ask if the cleats come with the pedals (I damn hope so!)

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