what does the Japanese word "datteba" mean in english?

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    Now we're talking my kind of Japanese! This is how I talk. This is how people talk casually. OK, actually I used to talk like that a lot, adding -tteba to everything.

    "I'm telling you!" or "But it's so"

    It depends on context but that's one way to put.

    datte = but, yet

    ba = add it to the end to place emphasis

    example conversation:

    gaijin in USA/UK/somewhere far: I'm going to Japan for the weekend for sightseeing....

    japanese: sightseeing?! just for the weekend?!

    gaijin: yes!

    japanese: datte ba, tobu dake de saitei ichinichi nakusu no de nannimo mirarenai yo! (But I'm telling you, just in flying alone you're going to lose at least one day--you're not going to be able to see anything!)

    -tte = you're telling someone how it is, describing an object, or paraphrasing someone

    example sentence: akachan-tte yoku naku yo.

    meaning: babies cry a lot

    in more casual speak to mimic the informality of the original Japanese: you know babies, they cry a lot

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    Teba Japanese

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    I think you got the word wrong. Datteba is not a word in Japanese.

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    It's been years since I spoke any, but I believe it's accompanied by a point to an object, and it means "Beside that..."

    Go to the Japanese Flag part of Yahoo, and put out your question to them. Many speeke ingurishu.

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    1 decade ago

    Not familiar with that word. Are you sure of the pronunciation. I am familiar with a similar word " dakkara" which means because or therefore. A little harder to translate exactly into english

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    Despite what superking said, Jaivez was completely right. Dattebayo has NO actual umeaning and is just tagged to the end of narutos sentences, its just like his dialect.

    Naruto's style is '(verb stem)tte bayo!' For instance, wakattebayo is "I get it already" or nan dattebayo is "What (the heck) is that?"

    Nan Dattebayo!?!!?


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    I don't think you have this work spelled right, I've looked for a bit to find what it means, but no one seems to know. Try and make sure your spelling is right

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    datteba is for casual daily conv. (not naruto's word)

    its red.

    =aka dayo

    its red, ok?

    =aka datteba

    we use 'datteba' when emphasize the subject matter.

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    1 decade ago

    It's not a word

  • 1 decade ago

    sorry, the word isn't in Japanese.

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