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"emos" in mexico?


i found on the tv spanish channel that emos are geting attacked



i understand why they would attack them but.

i dont understand

ive been hearing

the metalheads are attacking them

but then i heard

the metal heads emos goths and skaters and ect

are the ones being attacked

someone tell me who exactly is fighting against each other?

and who is the one that started this fight?

and does this mean the brujas in mexico are finaly free from harrasment because im going to mexico in the sumer

and ya

im a bruja


thats wears lots of black


but im not into that sterotypes

im far from emo

so someone clear this up for me?

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    Mexico is a place wich is very conservative in some regions, Queretaro is in the most traditional catholic zones of Mexico, this city is where everything started, people wanted the EMOS out of the main plazas in down town and from there, and thanks to all the advertisment from TV scale to other cities including the big one, Mexico city.

    is pure intolerance to me.

    You can come to Mexico, there is a lot of people like you or metal heads or Emos , even Cholos and some other subcultures in cities over a 1000 000 people, they spend time in malls , down town squares etc, and most of the time nothing happens i don´t think that you will encounter any trouble.

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    I don't always watch the news myself, but I've heard about emos, punks and darkies (aka known as Darkettos over here) fighting eachother because one group thinks they are better than the other.

    Quite frankly I don't see much of a difference myself except that Punks listen to heavy metal, but I can't tell different groups apart. Lately things have been caliming down though as local governments have been kicking in to avoid what they call "gang violence" or whatever.

    No, if you visit Mexico City dressed in black and stuff, chances are nobody will really care. I see Emo's and Darkies in the subway all the time and nobody bothers them. It's the tourists that stand out.

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