Method for TCLP extraction?

I can't remember!! i have a job interview tomorrow at an environmental lab, and i can't remember what the difference is for extraction fluids for TCLP, and why. it's been a little while since i have been working, and i'm going blank on this one. doesn't it have something to do with sodium?
Update: OMG! i just remembered. i can't believe i couldn't remember it. it has to do with the initial pH of the sample...that's how you determine which extraction fluid to use. geez, maybe i'm just too nervous.
Update 2: but i still can't remember which acid to use. i know it's def. nitric & hcl, but isn't there another one that i use depending on the pH?
Update 3: yes! the extraction fluid is with acetic acid and NaOH...NaOH added depending on the initial pH! Nitric and HCL is for NPDES. *whew* i still can't believe i forgot that.
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