will there ever be a time when a gay actor will play a gay character on network television or mainstream film?

so i did research into luke and noah and both actors are straight. this bothers me. for all the gay actors in this world, will they ever, ever cast a gay actor to play a gay character? there are SO FEW gay characters on television - what harm will it do? am i alone in this frustration? hollywood is homophobic - this is true, and there are so few openly gay actors because of it.


ah yes, nathan lane - LOL!!!!!!! just one? is that all you can offer? he's more broadway and not an a-list movie star. nice try though. seriously! much props.

Update 2:

karin - you're right. america would have to learn and read aobut the openly gay actors life and that is too much for them to take.

Update 3:

it just appears there is no reach fro openly gay actors - there is no interst taken in them. why ONLY straight actors? it boggles my mind. there are so few gay characters in mainstream and yet they are played by straight actors - there will never be a gay role model fro young gay people. the media just will not allow it.

Update 4:

sean hayes is not openly gay.

Update 5:

matthew rush - is a porn star. LOL!, i guess it's to be expected that he'd be listed in since being gay is all aobut sex, right?

Update 6:

but karin - who are those people? i mean, are they like as popular as brad pitt or other mainstream actors? no. they are not.

Update 7:

LOL! pd - why not? why can't or SHOULDN'T a gay actor play a gay character? type casting....okay so a black dude should be played a white dude - or...oops...race isn't the same since people are born black and people are not born gay. and also you can't see gay - LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update 8:

james - mainstream - not cable.

Update 9:

thanks karin!

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    Ever heard of Nathan Lane???? Watch the Birdcage. Hell, it's not hollywood, it's America. Don't know why this country is so homophobic when everyone else isn't. I agree! More gay guys on TV! The world shall be a better place! That is a concern (rolemodle thing) but what people should do is not look to an acotr for a role model, but, rather, look to someone that is in their position. I mean, going for famous gay people you've got people like George Michael, Boy George, etc. They still have plenty out there. But they should look for someone they can get to know personally to have as a role model, I think. But if they can't find one, they should give George Michael a chance! Cause you gotta have faith, faith, faith...

    List of gay actors: Woooh!

    Evan Adams

    Dirk Bach

    Albrecht Becker

    Paul Bellini

    Kester Berwick

    Wilfrid Brambell

    Bunny Breckinridge

    Scott Brennan

    Jean-Claude Brialy

    Tim Campbell (actor)

    Clint Catalyst

    Christian Chávez

    Pablo Cheng

    Timothy Conigrave

    Brent Corrigan

    Bobby Darling

    Charlie David

    Guillermo Díaz (actor)

    Daniel Emilfork

    Rupert Everett

    Stephen Geoffreys

    George Grizzard

    Robert Helpmann

    René Highway

    Basil Hoskins

    John-Michael Howson

    William Hutt (actor)

    Trevor Kent

    Hape Kerkeling

    Greg Kramer

    Gerald L'Ecuyer

    Robert Lepage

    Reg Livermore

    Luke Macfarlane

    Daniel MacIvor

    Ronald Magill

    Joseph Maher


    John Normington

    Graham Norton

    Ramón Novarro

    Robert Odeman

    Rustom Padilla

    Al Parker

    Graham Payn

    Danny Pintauro

    Jack Plotnick

    Blake Riley

    Danny Roberts

    George Rose (actor)

    Adamo Ruggiero

    Matthew Rush

    Craig Russell (actor)

    Jaason Simmons

    Scott Thompson

    Kevin Tsai

    Hans Heinrich von Twardowski

    Anton Walbrook

    Mark Kenneth Woods

    Just from the U.S.

    Chad Allen (actor)

    Ant (comedian)

    Steve Antin

    Frank A. Barnhart

    John Barrowman

    Paul Bartel

    Lance Bass

    Bryan Batt

    Gary Beach

    David Bedella

    Christopher Bernau

    Thom Bierdz

    Jay Brannan

    Patrick Bristow

    Bill Brochtrup

    Trev Broudy

    Jim J. Bullock

    Victor Buono

    David Burtka

    Dan Butler

    Mario Cantone

    Sammy Case

    Richard Chamberlain

    Craig Chester

    James Coco

    Chris Crocker (Internet celebrity)

    Joel Crothers

    Wilson Cruz

    Wes Culwell

    Grover Dale

    John Dall

    Jaye Davidson

    Richard Deacon (actor)

    PJ DeBoy

    Guillermo Díaz (actor)

    Divine (actor)

    Casey Donovan (porn star)

    David Drake (actor)

    Robert Drivas

    Louis Edmonds

    John Epperson

    Jade Esteban Estrada

    Harvey Fierstein

    Colton Ford

    Peter Frechette

    Leonard Frey

    Robert Gant

    Malcolm Gets

    James Getzlaff

    John Glover (actor)

    Jason Gould

    David Marshall Grant

    William Haines

    Neil Patrick Harris

    Sam Harris (singer)

    Randy Harrison

    William Hernandez

    Mark Herron

    Edward Hibbert

    John Benjamin Hickey

    Rock Hudson

    Tab Hunter

    Cheyenne Jackson


    Michael Jeter

    Van Johnson

    Jeffrey Jones

    Leslie Jordan

    Tom Judson

    Larry Kert

    Tommy Kirk

    T. R. Knight

    Carson Kressley

    Nathan Lane

    Jack Larson

    Rex Lee

    Reichen Lehmkuhl

    Terry Lester

    Charles Ludlam

    Paul Lynde

    George Maharis

    Joe Mantello

    Alec Mapa

    Kerwin Mathews

    Lon McCallister

    Keith McDermott

    Michael Buckley (Internet celebrity)

    Eric Millegan

    Miss Understood

    John Cameron Mitchell

    David Moretti

    George Nader

    Kenneth Nelson

    Denis O'Hare

    David Oliver (actor)

    Peter Paige

    Sam Pancake

    Bob Paris

    Mark Patton

    Miss Coco Peru

    David Hyde Pierce

    Danny Pintauro

    Patrik-Ian Polk

    Keith Prentice

    Patrick Quinn

    Dack Rambo

    Anthony Rapp

    Robert Reed

    Charles Nelson Reilly

    George Reinholt

    Jerome Robbins

    Robert Rodi

    Jai Rodriguez


    Dick Sargent

    Glenn Scarpelli

    Dirk Shafer

    Adam Shankman

    Lori Shannon


    Christopher Sieber

    William Sledd

    Doug Spearman

    Stephen Spinella

    Peter Stickles

    Jason Stuart

    Terry Sweeney

    George Takei

    John Tartaglia

    Rip Taylor

    Peterson Toscano

    Tony Tripoli

    Tom Tryon

    Tommy Tune

    Ron Vawter

    Jim Verraros

    Bruce Vilanch

    Tom Villard

    Dylan Vox

    John Waters (filmmaker)

    Clifton Webb

    Paul Winfield

    B. D. Wong

    Monty Woolley

    And well, no, but there are very few actors who are that popular and the gay actors population is a small percentage of all the actors and a VERY small percentage of famous actors. It's not a problem of homosexuality, rather that they're a minority.

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    Glenn Scarpelli Gay

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    what difference does it make if they play gay roles as long as they get roles. if a gay can play straight and a straight can play gay and all are comfortable with it isnt that more of a huge step forward than if all gay characters were played by gay actors and vice versa. ?

    Think about that.

    type casting is bad enough when it happens by accident. Do you really want to restrict actors by saying who should play what based on gender preference?

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    Queer As Folk. Some of the actors are actually gay.

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    That fellow from Will and Grace that played their friend was gay. Sean Hayes I think was his name.

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    Yes the time will come,if it hasn't already..............

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