child psychology theories?

I need to know who studied what development theories.


cognitive (is it Piaget?)

Moral (Kohler?)


and anny detail or information to these theories would be helpful! I am looking for kohlber, iaget, Erik Erikson, and Thorndike.....THANKS

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    Cognitive development theories would indeed be Piaget. Moral theories of development were explored by Kohlberg (you were close on that one). Social-psychological theories were explored by Erik Erikson. If you need some more info on Erikson I put together a few podcast episodes that I think you'll find interesting and helpful. In this episode I talk about Erikson's eight stages:

    I don't know of any specific person who worked on biological theories of development, but in these two episodes I talk about how the brain changes as we grow:

    I think you'll find these episodes useful.

    Thorndike was a learning theories who worked with cats and developed the well-known "Law of Effect" which simply states that people (or animals) will do whatever leads to a state of "satisfaction". For example, in his work with cats he put them in "puzzle boxes" and they had to figure out how to pull a string in order to open the door to the cage and get out to the food that was outside. Once a cat figured this out through trial-and-error, when you put the cat back in the cage it will do whatever it did the last time but it will do it much faster because it learned what it needed to do in order to get the satisfaction of getting out of the cage and to the food.

    Thorndike's work led directly to B.F. Skinner's work on reinforcement. Skinner took Thorndike's ideas and applied them to how children learn.

    I guess all that is a long winded answer. I think you'll find the podcast episodes more interesting.

    Hope this helps!


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