Mark Twain National Park, Missouri?

Has anyone been at this park? If so, how are the hikes there? I am planning to go with my family there for hiking....2 kids and a baby...would love to hike and stay at a nearby cabin ...are the hikes beautiful there? What else did you do there? Planning to stay for 3 days....Thanks...appreciate your help...

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    I love Mark Twain Park it is awesome. The whole area is just beautiful; there is plenty to do there. None of the hikes around the park are that long; I think the longest is 2 miles. They do have shorter ones and all of them are pretty easy to hike. Take it slow and the kids should be fine. All of the hikes are amazing, the forest and lake are just beautiful. Since you like outdoor stuff you are going to want to get a boat and get out on the lake, the lake is amazing and you can see some awesome wildlife. They also offer ranger programs throughout the year so you will want to check with the park office and see what they are offering during their stay. Fishing here is just awesome a great place to teach/fish with the kids. There are a lot of great spots check in with the ranger station and they will tell you where the hot spots are. Camping in the park is always nice; the campground has everything you need to make your stay comfortable. If you are not interested in camping there are plenty of places to stay in Hannibal or you could stay at the state park in the cabins. However they only have 6 cabins and they fill up fast so you will want to check into that.

    Hannibal MO is also a very cool town; they have plenty of Mark Twain and “Tom Sawyer” things to do. I highly recommend going to the cave. It is a very cool place and the tour is geared for adults and kids. Depending when you are planning on going the “Tom Sawyer” festival will be going on. During the summer they also do plays, again geared to children, they are mostly “Twain” related. There is also a wonderful riverboat/paddle cruise up there. They have all kinds of tours, sightseeing, lunch and dinner cruises. We have taken kids up there and they love getting on the boat. If you have time I would check it out. There is also the Mark Twain home and museums which are very neat. There is something for everyone here. The home of Mark Twain is pretty neat they also have the Becky Thatcher House, Huck Finn House and Drug store. They have hands on things, actors and more. Might be something interesting to see for the family. There is also a train tour that you can take of the town, the kids might like being on a choo choo. There is also a trolley tour that goes around the town and stops at all the good attractions. There is also Sawyers Creek and restaurant which is a lot of fun. They have a café with classic diner food, mini golf, bumper boats, train ride and more. We go here a lot I have family that lives in Bowling Green and when we go up there we go there for some fun. Well I hope this helps you, there is plenty to do in the park and in the area, and three days will be enough to enjoy it. Have a great family trip.

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