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I have been reading that some people are stating you had to have recieved a letter in order to be getting a Stimulus payment. I have looked all over and don't see anything in regards to that, but I want to be sure. Does anyone know FOR SURE if you HAVE to get this letter in order to get a stimulus payment? Because I haven't got one, and I SHOULD be eligible for the stimulus payment. For the ones coming out early, anyone figure out yet the rhyme and reason behind who gets it and when? I know of the original release date, but they don't seem to have an updated one... my hubby's soc ends in 09 so I would think we should have gotten ours by now since they started early. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks :)


See that is the information I have read, but also Bush did say payments were going to start going out early... as early as Monday (last monday) and yet I see nothing, just wondering why not?

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    The first wave of payments are going to people who opted for direct deposit on their 2007 income tax returns.

    Both the direct deposit payments and the paper checks are being processed by the last two digits of a taxpayers' Social Security number.

    For people receiving direct deposits, those with a Social Security number ending in 00 to 20 will have their economic stimulus payment deposited to their bank account by this Friday.

    Those with Social Security numbers ending in 21 to 75 will get their direct deposits by May 9 and those with Social Security numbers ending in 76 to 99 will get their deposits by May 16.

    For those receiving paper checks, the last paper checks, covering people with Social Security final digits from 88 to 99 will be in the mail by July 11 under the current schedule. The IRS estimates that about two-thirds of the payments will be paper checks and one-third will be direct deposits.

    The payment schedule covers people who filed early enough to have their tax returns processed by April 15. The IRS is continuing to urge people who did not file returns because they did not owe taxes to file in order to receive an economic stimulus check.

    People who do not have to file a tax return but have at least $3,000 in qualifying income may be eligible for an economic stimulus payment of $300 for an individual and $600 for a couple plus $300 per qualifying child.

    I also read that nothing needs to be done in addition to filing for your tax return in order to receive it...

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