why is nepal tourism better than pakistan and bangladesh?

i have it for my school project

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    Nepal has the Mountains. The Nepalese people are more open and friendly. Nepal has more tourists than both Pakistan and Bangladesh. The streets are safer in Nepal for a tourist. In Bangladesh there are to many beggars. Pakistan has Al - Qaida. I have Two very good friends from Pakistan that I worked with in Iraq. I want to go there and try to export leather produces to the Asian country I live in. But they tell me it's not safe.

    Source(s): Been there.
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    May be the environment. Nepal should be less populated than Pakistan or Bangladesh. The Himalayas is there too. Nepal is at the foot of Mt. Everest.

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    1 decade ago

    nepal receives more tourists than pakistan and bangladesh. this is due to the himalaya range. lots of hikers and adventurers visit nepal each year. it is also popular among the buddhists who like to visit the buddhist temples there and then they would proceed to tibet.

    nepal is also well linked with the rest of the world - many major airlines fly into the country.

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