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Dental insurance....?

I get SO angry at dentists and orthodontists. I have medical and dental insurance. Yet, it seems to me that dental insurance is a big rip-off.

I can have extensive surgery and pay a $ 200 copay, yet to have a root canal, I have to pay over $ 1000. To have a simple tooth extraction, it costs (with insurance) around $ 100. For my husband to have bridgework, it is going to cost over $ 3000. Needless to say, I cannot afford for my children to get braces, even though they need them ($ 6000 a pop).

Why are dentists so greedy - and/or - why is dental insurance such a rip-off? The only thing it really covers is free cleanings and a small percentage off of fillings.

I mean, isn't it ridiculous that someone could have a leg amputated, a new prosthetic device put on, physical therapy administered, and it still cost LESS than a darn root canal? Come on!

Anyone feel this way? Any dentists out there who would care to defend this position?

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    Yes, It is a joke.....I couldnt agree more....But thats our government for you..USELESS... lets pay 14 yr olds $3000 to have a baby!!! .& wonder why the country is full of teenage dysfunctional families....Lets keep pokies, alcohol and smokes readily available even tho its destroying countless numbers of lives....Im not trying to defend anything.. merely point out a few things to those who may not be aware.

    To be fully covered for dental, you have to choose a certain plan. Chances are youll never get a full refund and you will end up paying 50 times more in insurance than medical work needed. They will always have some excuse not to pay you.... like having a 6 monthly checkup 2 days before your six months is up. Even though you are a prompt payer, pay thousands.. its 2 days?? but lose. bad luck....

    Why are you angry at dentists for not getting enough refund? Its not their problem. So many patients think its their god given right to get free treatment these days..why should a doctor, dentist or any other professional for that matter feel obliged or guilt tripped into dropping his prices cause you have 6 kids, are unemployed, or dont have insurance, (or do have insurance and they wont pay)? My dad always gets people saying ... Can you change the dates and item no's on my invoice so i get more back from my fund?.......No, thats fraud, and i will get struck off the register....If i pay straight away can i have it cheaper......NO, i expect you to pay now- you dont go to the supermarket and ask that! If i pay cash can i have it cheaper? No, it makes no difference to him if you pay cash, it still goes through the books and he explains its not fair on all the people out there paying to be in a fund.... (see someone is thinking of you!) Im sure they think hes a miserable tight old buggger , But its not his problem! They are there to provide an essential service to all those people out there, that cant be stuffed brushing their teeth properly! Then they have the hide to be upset they 'NEED WORK'...Dental funds are a mugs game! you are wiser to put the money aside. The funds wont even pay half of the treatment cost. It is not the 'solution to end all problems' its made out to be .Just like life insurance...after all you have to be almost dead before they will pay anything...You pay thousands a year to get piece of mind to receive jack shiit in return. Also it depends on who you talk to that day at the fund and what sort of mood she's in on how much you will get back. (believe me, Ive had many altercations on behalf of patients duped- with no joy whatsoever) When a fund says.. sorry that number doesnt exist!!! You ring us and say the number doesnt exist! did you put the wrong number on my receipt?,..... that means 'I'm sure the number exists, we just aren't going to re-imburse you for it.....sorry.....

    As for the dentists point of view..... most of them HATE the funds.. we spend the whole time with patients asking 'how much will the fund give me back'? (stuffed if we know, nor do we care...we want you to pay your bill and take the fund the fund!

    the funds are making it impossible for them and they lose patients everyday....because 'GB' fund says unless you go to their dentist of choice who is a 'GB' fund provider you will only get a minimum refund back. If you go to 'GB' dentist you will get %80 back.. so obviously most choose to follow "GB" fund.... little do they know......and as far as i have experienced the dentistry leaves a lot to be desired..

    Most dental hospitals and fund clinics are full of new students from overseas... Theyll pull your teeth out before offering you the option of keeping it.. they dont do root canal, its too hard.. and youre getting it cheap, and you dont look after your teeth so why should they- thats the mentality.....if they do......hmm ..

    I recommend if you find a good dentist you trust? his fee... happily! Its amazing how dumb some people are..... dont tell a dentist you hate him and hes a rip-off just before hes about to give you an injection..DERRRR..

    Dentists on the other hand have spent 5+ years at university... thats a lot of fees, (most are still paying them off)a lot of hard work, alot of stress.

    The suicide rate in dentistry is EXTREMELY high. A very high percentage are HIGHLY addicted to their own happy gas tanks.

    I agree prices are high...(my dads a dentist, my grandfathers a dentist & ive been in it since 1994... I know how expensive they are. but did you know that dentist chair you sit in cost him about $75,000.00 YES that was not a typo. We wanted to move premises lately, he I havent got $300,000 to do it. He had to be exaggerating. Surely... A syringe of tooth filling costs

    $156.00 The appointment book we write in costs $50

    The rent is $3000 a month, wages are $2000 a week,min..

    My boss doesnt know this yet, but this month I have ordered approx $8000 worth of stock. He will craap himself. I dont waste money either. I only get what we need, and i stock up on specials. Every order i do, I save $500 more for him compared to previous nurses. Those cheap plastic sunnies they make you wear cost $40.....why? because dentists need them, and the dental companies know they have the upper hand. If you want to blame someone for the high prices Id start with the suppliers. The nice man that comes to pick up all the sharps and syringe waste..... 2 tiny little plastic containers...$100+. Yearly autoclave tests and services $300..mandatory...

    Yearly electrical testing of all powerpoints $250. New carpet $3500. It costs us $30 per patient. Just with you sitting in the chair, not even opening your mouth..The plain plastic contraption on the bench that mixes the impression material, I wanted to get one... they cost over $2000.00... You want to complain about prices? Come spend the day with me looking through the product catalogues..$100 for a pair of surgical scissors...$150.00 for a bag of fluoride know the ones you all complain about having in your mouth..Every time you get a crown, we have to pay the nice man $400 to make it. Those fancy xray machines $60,000.00+ Mine pays $100,000.00 a year on wages. He works 6 days a week. He just wants to retire, but he cant afford it.... go figure!

    We dont have eftpos and everyone complains? How does 'me' manually swiping a credit card affect them? See they complain when we dont have all the fancy stuff, but complain louder when we do..All you patients that dont turn up, or cancel that morning... we had 2hrs put aside for your crown prep and you have a headache and dont think 'you're up to it today.' My dentist doesnt charge a cancellation fee, but im working on it.....Patients rock up 20 minutes late for a 30 minute appointment... oh sorry, couldnt find a park, had to get little johnny something to eat first.. he was hungry!...Excuse me? Then they are offended when i say with a smile.... 'Sorry, we will have to reschedule your appointment. The Dr cant see you now....What? horror, disbelief, do you know the hassle i went thru to get here? No.. I dont, and i dont care. Get a babysitter next time and be thankful i dont give you a minimum $50 bill for WASTING OUR TIME!!!! as for the mums that turn up expecting me to day care their kids! Hello? again....get a sitter! IM BUSY!

    My dad suggested i got my degree and took over his practice! I just laughed and said NO THANKS! he couldnt believe it.. what an opportunity for me? I Dont like being stressed. Dont like owing money, wouldnt like patients telling me they hate me and dont want to be here...everyday... how depressing! No wonder they are all committing suicide... all those years of stress and study? You can make more these days being a tradey....sparky...plumber...

    Its not the medical professionals you should be venting your anger at...

    sometimes its nice to understand & appreciate the 'other side of things'.

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    I have medical for life from my previous job...Eye and dental I lost when I left my last job but I will have those two back in two months.....Can't afford not to have insurance.

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    hehe Prosthetics costing less.. you're funny.

    The knee I have is 20 thousand the one I want is 50 thousand. That's not including labour, socket or the foot.

    I live in Canada and my province won't even cover it. They'll take my leg off for nothing but unless I'm on social assistance I'm not getting a dime to cover my limb.

    My insurance covers some but my parents had to fight for it. ( I was insured as a baby long before my amputation. but once I'm off my parents insurance next year I'm up the creek)

    The rest of it goes though generous charities.

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    your dental insurance sucks. why dont you shop around for a better plan? It will save you alot of money it sounds like.

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