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Please help me?hindi project?

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my topic is "mere sapno ka bharat"(india of my dreams)
i will give u 10 points if you can give me good ideas or a good site
just keep in mind i am in 10th standard
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India is a land of colours, festivals, rich cultures and history.at has people from diverse cultures speaking diverse languages......the living style, the food, the job , the happiness, the clothings of people here are different. but the one thing which is common in them and which unites them is that they belong to the same nation...India.

in the past India our motherland has gone through many harsh times and sufferings. the entire country was ruled by misery, cruelty , inequality, hunger and poverty under the harsh and oppresive british rule.but then the people could not bear and rose against it. and so their voice change the fate of the nation.our nation got freedom

okay now ill tell in hindi
mere sapno ka bharat aisa desh hona chahiye jaaha har koi khusi se rahe. jaha har ek ke pass khaane ke liye khana aur rehne ke liye jaga ho. jaha har koi apna sar utha kar ji sake. jaha par ko apsi bhed bhav na ho...jahaa bhaiychara ho....jaha har koi ek dusre se pyaar kare.......jaha aman aur pyaar ka raj ho.......jaha har koi apne sapno ko pura kar sake .......jaha kabhi koi garibi se na mare.....jaha amir garib sab bine bhed bhav ke ek khule aassman ke neeche chain ki neend le sake.........jaha logo ke dil mein nafrat ke liye jaga na ho.....jaha ke logo ke dilo par achaiyi ka raj ho....jaha ke log ek jut ho kar rhe....mere sapno ka bharat sachchci aur insaaf ki dharti ho.........jaha par logo ko apne desh par garv ho aur veh isske liye mar mitne ke liye tyaar ho....jaha log sirf apne liye soche ya kaam na kare balki sare bharat vasiyon ko apne parivaar ka hissa samajkar unke liye bhi kaam kare...jaha kisi bhi tara ki hinsa na ho

desh ki azaadi ke liye ladne aur jaan dene waale bhagat singh, rajguru, sukhdev adi ne bhi svatantra bharat ke liye yahi sapna dekha tha. unhone iss sapne ko sakar karne ke liye apni jaan kurbaan kar di. hamare rashtrapita mahatma gandhi ne bhi yahi sapna dekha tha. veh woh yeh sapna hamare haatho mein somp kar shahhed ho gaye. unhone bharat ke liye poorna swaraaj ka sapna dekha tha jiska matlab sirf angrezi sarkar se bharat ko azaad karvaana nahi balki bharta ko bukhmari, garibi adi jaisi buriaayon se azaad karvaana tha. ab yeh sapna saakar karna aaj ki peedi ke haatho mein hai.. ajj hum iss sapne ko sakar kar unki kurbaani ko safal bana sakte hai aur unke sapne pure kar sakte hai...

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5 out of 5
thanx a lot
i am very,very weak in hindi
usually my percentage gos down because of hind
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  • smarty7 answered 7 years ago
    i think u should consult a hindi vyakran
    most of them should have this topic

    ok all right

    mere sapno ka bharat ek vishwa shakti hoga
    mein usme apna yogdan dunga or dungi

    now write whatever you want to become in future
    state how your profession will help INDIA

    in my reccomendation choose a profession like Polititian
    and state that the level of politics is decreasing and Fugitives(criminals) are coming in politics
    you will cure this state some ideas

    thier is so much Brashtachar in the country state some measures to prevent it
    intelligent people dont want to join government jobs becuse the private companies are giving much more than govt wages
    state that in 2020 india will become a super power

    add the things of countries that you like and want that should be in india also
    mere sapno ke bharat mein atankvaad ka namonishan nahi hoga
    vo duniya ko global warming se bachyega

    add the thing like this

    Hope this Helps!
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  • A boy answered 7 years ago
    i don't have any ideas i am studying bengali in X and i can ask someone to contact u. She is the best in our class. Give me ur id
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  • please help me?hindi project?
    my topic is "mere sapno ka bharat"(india of my dreams)
    i will give u 10 points if you can give me good ideas or a good site
    just keep in mind i am in 10th standard
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