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what are personal attributes to general manager?

what are the personal attributes, the general manager should have the working for thorpe park?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    A general manager too attached to his former function continually leaves his new duties undone to continue to run his former function. This is a great error.

    To avoid this error, a new general manager should devote most of his time and attention to learning what the other functions contribute to the overall result. She should meet with the functional managers who report to her and learn what they do. A new general manager will have an overall concept of how all elements relate, but she’ll be more limited in her understanding than she realizes by her previous focus on one function primarily. She must keep an open mind about how the whole thing operates.

    Management is partly about people, as well as systems, schedules and results. A new general manager must show impartiality among people from his former function, who were likely his close associates and friends, and people from other functions who now report to him. He or she must not show favoritism to his former associates in the function from which he came. He must even, sometimes, give higher performance ratings to people in other functions when they have earned them.

    It is a general manager’s role to see that work gets organized, that individuals take responsibility for particular tasks, that tasks are coordinated so that they add up to accomplishing an overall objective, and that the work is done on schedule and to the necessary standards of quality. It’s the basic objective of a general manager to create out of the various functions of an organization a top performing unit.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Personal attributes are what you are going to offer if you are going to offer to the general manager if you would be given employment

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  • 1 decade ago

    understanding people and how to best use their skills to suit the needs of the job. being able to think on your feet about whatever situation arises.

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