How do I transfer all the information from one hard drive to another? (PC desktop)?

I have a computer that seems to be dying. It's pretty old, so it's to be expected. It keeps taking itself to CMOS screen every 2 hours for no apparent reason. I changed

- power supply (cause it would just randomly shut itself off completely)


-battery on the mother board

-mother board to a similar one, but used the same CPU which is AMD Duron 700 MHz

I'm starting to think it's the hard drive, or I don't know what that is, but it seems like the whole thing is dying.

I want to preserve all the programs on the hard drive cause it's a data acquizition machine with a whole bunch of programs which take a real juggling act to install and manage. Is there any way to do it? Can I unplug the DVD rom and plug in a new hard drive and just tell it to copy?

I already tried to buy a normal external hard drive Maxtor 4mini (which I totally hate by now). This machine refuses to communicate with it. While I got the other similar machine to communicate with it fine.

Please help.


5 G Flash drive doesn't have enough capacity to hold everything... So it has to be more complicated, unfortunatelly.

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    Use Acronis TrueImage (see link below) to backup the hard drive onto an external hard drive (or secondary internal one)... With a backed up "image" of your hard drive, you can then use TrueImage to restore it onto another computer, and everything will be back to *exactly* the way it was when you created the "image".

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    It sounds like something is wrong with your hard drive or your operating system(windows xp). You can just take the hard drive out of that pc and install it in another desktop pc. Once plugged into the other computer transfer your files. That should work if the hard drive is not damaged. Just open the other computer locate the hard drive and you'll see where to plug it in.

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    I'd suggest if you have the programs downloaded in their install files just put em' on a flash drive or DVD and reinstall them on a new machine. It's virtually impossible to transfer post install programs and have them continue to work on a new machine.

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    I would prefer you to copy all the files u hav in ur system in to a DVD or a Blue Ray DVD (Blue Ray DVD disc is about 50GB). You can easily take a backup of wat u hav got in ur system. I hope this is the best way to copy all the files from the hard drive to another. Try doing it. Once i did tooo>>>>>

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    see thr is one easy way... u dont hv 2 remove ur ROM ... can u find another slot in d data cable dat is fixed 2 ur harddrive.... connect d new harddrive vith dat data cable let d 1st hard drive be at its place... if u dont hv anpther power plug ( i think u would hv ) den connect d power plug of ur ROM and den start d computer ..... ur 1st hard drives OS vil work and d drives present in d new one would b displayed in my computers ..... all of ur things from thr............. OR U CAN RUN D GHOST CD . it vill make d new hard drive d copy of d freviusly stored data vill b lost

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    its not virtually impossible u can use a lan cable ,connect it to both of your computers and transfer information to one pc to another but u have to set it all up 1st

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    try to ghost your 2 hard drives....

    try also master and slave your hard drives....

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