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    Material: The chicken digs up or chicken spleen meat 2 Lemon 1 Egg 1 Butter 20g cooking step: (1) chicken digs up the defrosting cleaning, wipes does the moisture, gets down the salt, the black ground pepper, the ginger juice, the liquor mixes evenly (2) joins has stroked the uniform egg and the peanut meal pickles for a half hour. (3) lemon juice, after pressing out the juice the lemon cuts 3-4 spare (4) heat pot, rolls the oil, fries first has one side the chicken skin, the slow fire fries the chicken to dig up to ripe, is abundant puts the kitchen paper to blot the unnecessary oil share before (5) is near eats, digs up again the chicken with rolls the oil raging fire to fry the approximately 10 seconds, on small dish (6) heat pot, gets down the butter to boil, joins the lemon juice and the lemon piece boils (7) next 2-3 soupspoon hard sugar blends flavors, boils to the juice micro outstanding, drenches the chicken surface namely to become Small tips: (1) thought that the chicken digs up is crisper, but Before Lin fries the next 2 soupspoon peanut meal to mix evenly the chicken to dig up, may retain the meat broth, is dug up the chicken slides tenderly; The peanut meal is also helpful food to add fragrant crisp. (2) fries the chicken to dig up fries first has one side the chicken skin, may compel the oil, may also make chicken Pi Gengcui. (3) fries food to prohibit that counter-instead goes, to fry one side, the reverse fries the other aspect; Counter-will instead go to be dry and hard food.

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