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Thank you letter for gift (Jacket) at least 250 words

Please help me to write the thank you latter for gift (jacket), but as least 250 words for the english version. Thousand thanks

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    Dearest my grandmother,

    Thank you for your gift which is a blue jacket. I like it very much and it is fit to me. I have received a lot of presents such as stationery and CDs on my birthday but your gift I like most.

    Last Monday, when I was on the way to school from my home. The weather was fine and it was hot. Therefore, I wore a T-shirt with short sleeves. In that afternoon, the weather changed a lot. Suddenly, the temperature was lower and it was very cool. Luckily, I brought the blue jacket you gave me in my school bag. Therefore, I have not got a cold. My mother told me to bring your jacket in the bag all the time. If I feel cold, I can put on it.

    Yesterday, when I had an Art lesson, my classmate splashed some paintings on my jacket carelessly. I was so upset and I washed it at once. Luckily, it have not got dirty.My classmate also said sorry to me.

    I have to do my homework now. Write a letter to you next time and I hope you have a healthy and happy life.

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    Luckily, it has not got dirty.

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