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Fantastic 4 幫下手~~~~用英文答!20分


2)你想唔想有superpower? why or why not?



Update 2:

你想唔想有superpower? why or why not?

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    Fantastic 4 have four members. They are Human Torch, The Thing, Invisible Woman & Mr. Fantastic.

    The human torch has the power & flight can emit fiery plasma bolts of verying intensity.

    The Thing, A wise-cracking ace NASA pilot with a big heart powers. A super human, super strong creature with an irreversible orange-colored rocky exterior.

    Invisible Woman is a beautiful scientise shy, but assertive powers has the ability to make herself disappear and generate force fields.

    Mr. Fantastic is a mathematician and physicise. A humble genius and gifted idealise. He has the ability bend, stretch and expand his body in any imaginable ways

    Regarding to the story, that is a hero stories similar US hero movies....etc

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    Fantastic 4 ---神奇四俠


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