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    An armed uprising is done on March 10, 1959, it resists violence, the people (figure Expo) who commemorate straightening and the activity are concealed, it encounters China, bloody suppression is added to the priest, the progress change ..becoming it.. is done to Aba power, it collides, and the concern is caused to be had all over the world.

    The event spreads to the ground such as the river prefectures of Amaminamicra family autonomy state summer and Sichuan wasp bed family family autonomy state Aba ..reflecting on Gansu.. prefectures ..Lhasa in state (district) capital in the west warehouse autonomy district.. chiefly because the disturbance of Tibet in 2008 concealing the person by many of People's Republic of China in March, 2008, demonstrating, and doing the progress change to the event of the riot occur the place. There is a protest activity that is the relation where countries such as India and Nepal are generated, too.


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