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英文課要用ㄉ 超急的!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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    Paper is thin material mainly used for writing upon, printing upon or packaging. It is produced by the amalgamation of fibers, typically vegetable fibers composed of cellulose, which are subsequently held together by hydrogen bonding. While the fibers are usually natural in origin, a wide variety of synthetic fibers, such as polypropylene and polyethylene, may be incorporated into paper as a way of imparting desirable physical properties. The most common source of these kinds of fibers is wood pulp from pulpwood trees. Vegetable fiber materials such as cotton, hemp, linen, and rice are also used.

    Papyrus and parchment

    Outside Egypt[2], parchment or vellum, made of processed sheepskin or calfskin, replaced papyrus as the papyrus plant requires subtropical conditions to grow.

    In America, archaeological evidence indicates that a similar parchment writing material was invented by the Mayans no later than the 5th century AD.[1] Called amatl, it was in widespread use among Mesoamerican cultures until the Spanish conquest. The parchment is created by boiling and pounding the inner bark of trees, until the material becomes suitable for art and writing.

    These materials are made from pounded reeds and bark and is technically not true paper, which is made from pulp, rags, and fibers of plants and cellulose.

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    紙張是稀薄的材料主要被使用於書寫, 印刷或包裝。它由混合纖維所生產, 主要是纖維素所構成的植物纖維合併組成, 再以氫鍵連結而成。雖然這些纖維通常是天然來源, 但也有各式各樣的合成纖維, 譬如聚丙烯和聚乙烯, 可以被合併入紙張中以賦予所欲的特定物理性質。最常見的纖維是從紙漿材料樹木製得的木漿。植物纖維材料譬如棉花、大麻、亞麻, 和稻子亦被使用。

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    埃及之外, 羊皮或小牛皮所製的羊皮紙或犢皮紙取代紙莎草, 由於紙莎草植物必須生長於亞熱帶氣候。

    在美洲, 考古學證據顯示, 在第5 世紀前馬雅人(Mayans)已發明類似羊皮紙材料叫amatl, 它在Mesoamerican文化中被普遍使用, 一直到被西班牙佔領。這種仿羊皮紙的製法是將樹木的內樹皮煮沸和捶搗, 直到材料變得適於繪畫與書寫。

    這些材料是由被搗碎的蘆葦與樹皮所製, 技術上言之並非真正的紙。真正的紙是由木漿, 破布, 植物纖維與纖維素所製成

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