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what are some important dates from the mid 1800s to early 1900s in the United states?

I'm doing a report on an ancestor of mine who lived in abilene, kansas. I need to do a timeline of major events in the United states and was kinda stuck when I tried researching. Any help is appreciated :) Thanks in advance

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    I did a presentation on this (well 1800-1860)

    Revolution of 1800

    Embargo Act of 1807

    Abolition of slave trade 1808

    Election of 1808

    Nonintercourse Act 1809

    Macon's Bill No 2

    War of 1812

    Capitol burned down by Brits

    Treaty of Ghent 1814

    Battle of New Orleans (they didn't know the war was over. Jackson was the general)

    Tariff of 1816

    Election of 1816 (Monroe)

    Era of Good Feelings

    Panic of 1819

    Missouri Compromise (1820)

    Tariff of 1824

    Election of 1824

    Democratic-republican party (jefferson's party) collapses and four candidates run for president

    Jackson wins the electoral vote and the popular vote, but not enough to win the presidency.

    Election thrown into Congress. John Quincy Adams teams up with Henry Clay

    Clay endorses Adams who wins. Adams names Clay the Secretary of State (corrupt bargain)

    Tariff of 1828 (tariff of abominations. Talk of secession by South Carolina)

    Election of 1828 (birth of the modern campaign)

    Indian Removal Act 1830

    Nullification Crisis (almost an early civil war, but south carolina gets no support)

    Force Bill

    Nullification Crisis averted

    Jackson v Biddle (second bank of the US killed)

    - "Pet Banks"

    Whig Party Forms

    Specie Circular

    Election of 1836 (Van Buren wins)

    Panic of 1837

    Election of 1840

    - Liberty Party splinter from William Lloyd Garrison

    Democratic nominating convention of 1844 (can't decide between pro-slavery and anti-slavery candidate so go with Polk)

    Annexation of Texas

    Mexican-American War

    Wilmot Proviso

    Treaty of Guadelupe Hidalgo

    Gold Rush 1849

    Compromise of 1850

    Ostend Manifesto

    Walker Expedition

    Gadsden Purchase

    Kansas Nebrask Act

    Bleeding Kansas

    Panic of 1857

    Lincoln Douglas Debates

    Freeport Doctrine

    Election of 1860 (lincoln)

    Secession of the South

    Fort Sumter attacked

    Civil War

    Some battles i forget

    Emancipation Proclamation

    More battles i forget

    Appomatox (south surrenders)

    South devastated

    Reconstruction begins

    Carpet Baggers arrive in southern states

    the rest i cant do in chronological order lol

    Gilded Age


    Spanish-American War

    Jacob Riis publishes How the other half lives

    Great Railroad strike of 1877

    13th 14th 15th amendment

    hm... have fun sorting through that!

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    1906-San Fransisco earthquake

    1844 — Innocenzo Manzetti first mooted the idea of a “speaking telegraph” (telephone).

    1882- Guglielmo Marconi invented the wireless. (you know that thing the Titanics used for transmitting morse code, SOS.

    1861- American civil war began

    1861 Dr. Richard J. Gatling invented the Gatling Gun, worlds first machine gun.

    1846-Christian Friedrich Schönbein invented smokeless powder, that revolutionized warfare.

    1912-RMS Titanic sank

    1879- Edison created the lightbulb

    Those are some good ones.

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    If you can't think of anything then you should pay more attention in school,

    The civil War maybe?

    War of 1812?

    Read about Bleeding Kansas.

    World War 1

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