Why Is My Left hand and fingers numb and tingling , all day ? Please help..?

I woke up today , and my 3 left fingers on my left hand are Numb , and Tingling , and it hasn't got any better or gone away at all. Im 31 yrs old and yes im over weight . Im really scared. It seems to have started when I put My left elbow down on the table that I use the PC ON And it just ran down my arm , and into only 3 of my Finger starting with My Pinky. The feeling is kind of like i hit a funny bone but it is in my fingers and some part of my palm on the left side of hand. its also numb. i mean really numb. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME IM REALLY SCRED THAT THIS IS A SIGN OF A HEART ATTACK. Thanks for your help.......O i do feel pretty good today besides that feeling. Like i dont feel any different then normal. If That helps.

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    Don't worry, it's not a heart attack.

    If it is your pinky and your ring finger affected: sounds like you could have cubital tunnel syndrome. The ulnar nerve runs behind the medial epicondyle (which is at the elbow) and through the cubital tunnel.

    The ulnar nerve is most commonly compressed at the cubital tunnel, along the medial side of the elbow. Compression may occur between the ulnar and humeral origins of the flexor carpi ulnaris or at the proximal border of the cubital tunnel because the nerve is tethered anteriorly with elbow flexion

    If you bend your eblow alot (like talking on the phone alot, or sleep with your elbow bent) then you may have inflamed structures within the tunnel. They can swell up and irritate your ulnar nerve which supplies these fingers. If this is the case, then just take 2 x 200mg ibuprofen, three times a day (always with food), for at least three days. If it has not subsided at that point, see your doctor.

    Now, if it was your thumb, pointing finger and middle finger affected it sounds like carpel tunnel syndrome. In this situation, the median nerve which supplies these digits has been compressed by the tendons of flexor digitorum profundus, superficialalis and flexor pollicis longus which somehow have gotten inflamed. In this case, the treatment will be the same (with the ibuprofen).

    This may seem like a bunch of gibberish to you, but if you need me to explain it to your further, e-mail me.

    UPDATE: Some people are wrong. The ulnar nerve supplies the medial 1.5 digits, i.e. the pinky and ring finger. NOT 3 fingers.

    Source(s): Harry B. Skinner. Current Diagnosis & Treatment in Orthopedics 4th Edition and plus, I'm a med student, I know what I'm talking about.
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      When I next have my health check, I'll tell my GP that I have cubital tunnel syndrome, but no need for him to get involved. Thanks, great response.

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    Tingling In Fingers

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    Numb Fingers

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    You have probably just slept in an awkward position. All your body weight rested on your arm and might of cut off circulation causing cramp.I had the same thing and I was really scared and the whole motor in my hand wouldn't work but I tried some thing and it went away.

    Try a sling maybe, frozen peas wrapped in a tea towel, warm cloth or putting them in nice warm water with some bubble bath in and watch a nice film and eat some nibbles or a milkshake. Prop it up on a pillow and keep bathing it in hot water. Make sure the skin is aired off and wear cosy clothes without tight sleeves and no gloves. You can get hand warmers to hold as well. Maybe try massaging them even with something like Vaseline ect. If they don't start to feel that better maybe a trip to the doctors. Try to avoid typing or writing ect and let the fingers stretch out and relax. A hand bandage might be good/ sling...That is what I did then slowly used it again.

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    Why Is My Left hand and fingers numb and tingling

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    I had that happen to me and never had it checked. One day I broke my left arm and was sent to a doc who I explained about the tingling. He told me it was my ulnar nerve....funny bone....and operated on it. The op didn't turn out very well so I went to a well-known surgeon and he reoperated on it and this time most of the tingling went away. I still have a small problem with my pinky and it will tingle and go numb. A couple of years later I had a problem with my right hand, last 3 fingers, and he sent me to a doc that did a sonogram...just like for fetuses. I could see that the nerve sat in a u shaped bone and it was out of it. I had surgery on my right elbow and have no problems with it. it's your ulnar nerve, I think, and the surgery is no big deal. My arms were in a sling for a couple of weeks and that was it. Have it checked out if you haven't already.

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    I drive around a lot.i am a widow with 3 children.1 has migrated to another country and the 2 others are working. I see to the needs of my 98yr old old, driving her around at times. This numbness and tingling sensation suddenly appeared this morning as i woke from my mid day nap. I ate so much seed nut, so i was wondering if this has something to do with it? Something like high uric acid? Along with the sleep position i was in?

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    I believe you have a pinched nerve at your elbow, the Ulnar nerve which will affect the last 3 fingers.

    I fell and was OK, then all of a sudden I was completely numb, and I was scared like you. So, I went to my neurologist, had a 5 minute test and was found to have a pinched nerve.

    I also was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia, - got something going on with the nerves in my head.. freaked me out because it is still numb and I was worried about a stroke..or another problem that isnt necessary to discuss because this is about you.

    The best advice I can give you - get a diagnosis for yourself. Your OWN Peace of mind,

    Maybe he will have a treatment for you, I was just relieved when he said that possibly with rest it should get better. (can discuss surgery later on down the line if it gets worse)

    He suggested and gave me a prescription to go to medical supply store and get "soft elbow pads' so that if you bang that funnybone, it wont send you thru the ceiling. try not to lean on it too.

    I was also told that it the problem could be from a neck injury/strain too.

    This was ironic, because 1 yr ago, I was on topamax and had the same symptoms, and the ysaid that it is possible that the reaction (had migraines for years..) I had more severe symptoms though...I just happen to ahvfe an appt with him, and where Yeah BP does get a little higher when You first see the dr.. my BP was all over the place VERY HIGH 190/110 from 1 dosage of topamax that I took. The admitted me right away- so much fun.

    So now what:

    I am just going to be satisfied- that I have a pinched nerve. I have more then one-LOL

    It bothers me, So my choice, I have stopped driving, rather be safe then sorry. I am getting better due to the rest and my try to drive again next month

    If you would like to compare notes, i would be happy to.

    Source(s): Chronic pain management, have had a few tests, and tried a lot of meds. I have to keep a positive attitude, or I would be miserable. Hope to help someone somewhere, sometime :) God bless
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    This happens to me when I get migraine headaches. It will usually start in one finger then to another until my whole arm is so numb it hurts, but mine lasts only 20-30 minutes. All I do is take 2 Advil and a hour later a Tylenol, that usually helps!

    Feel better! X

    Source(s): Experience
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    You may have just pinched a nerve and that can cause numbness and tingling however, if you feel any chest pain or numbness in your neck or face at all go straight to the ER!

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