Japanese attack ,Pearl Harbor? Were U S politically aware? Was military prepared?

It was for oil and steel and China .Are circumstances very similar today for ------U.S.-----Who will attack.Why?

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    Was the US politically aware that Japan might attack Pearl Harbor, and was the military prepared? The answer is actually a bit of both.

    Politically did the US government think an attack might happen, yes. It's a bit like being in hurricane season and not realizing a hurricane could hit where you live. Most political and military experts expected an attack on US military forces within 24 hours of a declaration of war, time they thought would be ample enough to warn its forces of an upcoming attack.

    Was the military prepared; actually it was still in the process of becoming prepared. I'm sure most people have heard that a flight of B-17 bombers was scheduled to arrive that day. What most don't realize is that flight was scheduled to go to the Philippines. The carriers Enterprise and Lexington were ferrying fighters to Midway and Wake Islands to provide fighter support for the ferrying of bombers to the Philippines. The military as already gearing up, preparing its meager forces for a war by placing its forces in strategic places. Unfortunately for them they ran out of time.

    For that it's a bit of both.

    Was the war for oil, steel and China? Yes and no, Japan since the last part of the 1800s had been forging an empire. They attacked China in the late 1890s and Russia in 1904-5 expanding further into Asia. After WW1, both the US and Japan emerged with booming economies and even then were looking at each other as potential enemies. The US was also an expanding empire in the Pacific; as a result it was actually natural that they clashed.

    The Pacific theater of WW2 has more in common with why WW1 started than the European theater of WW2. Imperialism, Nationalism and militarism all played huge factors in the start of this war. You had naval building races between the Japanese and US navies. Both countries were expanding imperial powers, and both had a large amount of national pride (something many today no longer understand).

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    Wouldn't it be nice if the US were still a net oil exporter!

    You'll note that we have no competition when it comes to high-tech, mobility warfare. That sort of attack would be suicide for anybody contemplating it. That's why fourth-generation warfare has become popular. We don't even have plans for re-structuring the military to be able to do well what we tried to do "on the cheap" in Iraq. The Pentagon doesn't want the job, and there's nobody anxious to force it on them, leaving us at risk, but a different risk.

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