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sir john J.C. Abbott's achievments while prime minister?

I cant find information plz help me its due tomorrow

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    Sir John J.C. Abbott was the third Prime Minister of Canada. He only served as P.M. for 17 months, from June 16, 1891 to November 24, 1892, so he didn't do much of anything. He started some changes though, but only one of them was worth noting...a reciprocity treaty with the U.S. He was very pro-American in his past though, even joining a movement to join parts of Montreal to the U.S. As a lawyer, he almost got Canada into the American Civil War, by defending confederates caught after a raid in Vermont. He argued that they weren't criminals, but belligerants, and so couuldn't be extradited to the Northern Unionist states.

    His most famous quote was "I hate politics". There was more to that though, and you will have to look it up.

    Go to your information search window (not the yahoo answers one, the one at the top of the screen) and type in his name. Then choose the wikipedia site.

    The article is fairly short, so good luck!

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