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Can parents force minors to take birth contol?

I am still a minor. I am not having sex nor doing anything that would make my parents think that i am having sex but they want me on birth control. I dont want to because in the past i have taken it and tried many different types and they all made me sick. I guess my step dad doesn't understand the fact that they make me sick. He says that he is going to stop paying for my car and everything like that, which is not a big deal because i can do that but he just wants to run my life, Does he have any rights since he is just my step dad? Can they force me to take birth control? can you give me a website that shows the info if you know of one

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    Well apparently they're worried. Stay abstinent, even if u don't get pragnet they're a lot of pain involved, emotional and physical.

    They'll reduce your period, but i think this fight is over rated. If they make u sick tell a doc, they'll have 2 in order to get a perscription.

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    a million.) it is your physique and no you could rigidity you to take beginning administration, including your mothers and dads or step-mothers and dads. 2.) Your stepfather does not ought to pay to your automobile or different expenses over and above your care as a based, jointly with housing, foodstuff, outfits, & clinical expenses. 3.) in the experience that your stepfather needs you to compliment between accepting beginning administration & having your automobile paid for, then you definately will ought to make that determination.

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    i think they can..but if they put you on it i guess you could always just pretend to take it.

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    tell ur dad that ur takin it but trown them away

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