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military interperators/translators/linguists?

so, i take it these are people who go overseas knowing arabic or other languages currently useful to the military after basic training right? ok cool, but i heard somewhere that all interperators and translators in the field are women... that didn't seem right to me. is it true? and if any actual former/current military people answer this, i wonder if they could maybe just give me a bried summary of what the job is like? is arabic the only useful language? how about spanish?

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    There are dozens of languages in use by the Department of Defense. These are listed by Air Force AFSC, but the same languages are used by all branches:

    AFSC 1N3X1 - Germanic Cryptologic Linguist

    A German

    B Dutch

    C Flemish

    D Swedish

    E Afrikaans

    AFSC 1N3X2 - Romance Cryptologic Linguist

    A Spanish (Latin American)

    B Portuguese (Latin American)

    C French

    D Italian

    E Romanian

    F Haitian - Creole

    G Molodovan

    AFSC 1N3X3 - Slavic Cryptologic Linguist

    A Russian

    B Polish

    C Czech

    E Belarusian

    D Serbo-Croatian

    E Russian (White)

    F Hungarian

    G Lithuanian

    H Slovenian

    J Bulgarian

    K Ukranian

    L Macedonian

    M Albanian

    AFSC 1N3X4 - Far East Cryptologic Linguist

    A Chinese (Mandarin)

    B Vietnamese

    C Thai

    D Cambodian

    E Lao

    F Japanese

    G Korean

    H Chinese (Cantonese)

    J Tagalog

    AFSC 1N3X5 - Mid East Cryptologic Linguist

    A Arabic

    B Arabic (Syrian)

    C Hebrew

    D Persian

    E Turkish

    F Greek

    G Indonesian

    H Hindi

    J Armenian

    K Azeri

    L Pushtu

    M Georgian

    N Tadzhik

    P Kazakh

    Q Turkmen

    R Uzbek

    S Persian (Dari)

    T Punjabi

    V Sindhi

    W Urdu

    AFSC 1N3X6 - African Cryptologic Linguist

    A Swahili

    B Zande

    C Berber (Shawia)

    D Bedawi (Beja)

    E Sidamo

    F Somali

    G Nubian

    H Bari

    J Dinka

    K Nuer

    L Otuho

    M Shilluk

    N Fur

    P Amharic

    Q Aramaic

    R Assyrian

    S Tigre

    T Tigrinya

    AFSC 1N3X7 - Turkic Cryptologic Linguist

    A Chechen

    B Circassian

    C Kirgiz

    D Tatar

    E Uighur

    AFSC 1N3X8 - Polynesian Cryptologic Linguist

    A Bikol

    B Cebuano

    C Ilocano

    D Javanese

    E Sudanese

    F Tausug

    G Brahui

    H Telugu

    J Kanarese

    K Malayalam

    L Tamil

    AFSC 1N3X9 - Indo-Iranian Cryptologic Linguist

    A Assamese

    B Baluchi

    C Bengali

    D Bihari

    E Kurdish (Kurmanji)

    F Kurdish (Sorani)

    G Nepali

    H Sinhala (Singhalese)

    Check out the Defense Language Institute at the Presidio in Monteray, CA.

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    Where did you get the idea that military translators/linguists are all women. That is just plain rediculous.

    I have worked with hundreds of them, military, civilians, contractors; men and women. Go to the defense language institute's website and you will see, in the upper left, a link to a video of a male student.

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    So, military rule would not be corrupt with no sign of purity in police, executive, judiciary and other ruling pillars? Apallingly naïve. Why not have the Indian electorate be as pure and efficient as some demand the govt to be? Then they'd create a pure and efficient govt.

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  • When i was in Iraq, MOST of our translators were male.

    All from different countries, all different ways of speaking.

    Out of the many i knew, ONE was female.

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