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Where is Russian most spoken in Kazakhstan? What parts of the country? Where do russians live in kazakhstan?

Questions are simple...where is russian most spoken in kazkahstan? i know it's the business language, but any area where it's PURELY spoken? meaning 100% russian and 0% kazakh language.? The other question is...where do the majority of people from russian descent live in kazakhstan? where are the most russians at in kazakhstan? thanks in advance!

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    I am from Kazakhstan and i am absolutely 100% Russian by my ethnicity. Our official language is Kazakh and 100% people speak Russian and 50% people speak Kazakh and Russian. Only very far from big cities country sides have people who barely speak Russian, but still they do. So, its more hard to find someone who does not speak any Russian than the one who does not speak Kazakh. And Russians are everywhere in Kazakhstan

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    Interesting to note that Russian speakers who immigrate to Canada are more or just as often from Kazakhstan than from the Russian Federation. The ones I've met speak 'standard' Russian and attended Russian-language schools. Not one knows Kazakh, a branch of the Turkic family.

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    Kazakhstan was the part od the USSR, and there is still exist very strong buissness relations betwin Russia and Kazakhstan in present days. Russian was the offcial langueage in USSR days, so today almost everyone in Kazakhstan still know Russian very well.

    But almost nobody in Russia don't know Kazakh language for sure.

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    Bayqongyr (formerly Leninsk)

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