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Owning real property does not mean that all rights are protected. Provide two exampleswhere rights are limited

in the ownership of land or personal property.

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  • Mark
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    1 decade ago
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    Owners rights in real property are limited by whatever may appear in the chain of title, and that includes condominium association by-laws, any outstanding liens, zoning ordnances, height and set-back requirements.

    It is important to do a title search and get title insurance if you buy a property.

    Also, remember that the government can come in and condemn your property for something like a highway project. Because of a lot of negative publicity, a governmental unit's ability to condemn your property for economic development has been restricted by many state legislatures. However, things may be different in your jurisdictionl

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  • reider
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    3 years ago

    WATER does no longer continuously contain the valuables! some places that does no longer count, yet others (Utah, Arizona and othe wasteland areas it particularly is important. be certain that water rights contain the valuables. keep in mind that a broking can sell the water become autonomous from the real assets. COVENANTS could be in place that limit what you're able to do to the valuables, IE: shade of paint, what can or won't be able to be grown, in case you may or won't be able to paintings on your automobile on the valuables, what share automobiles you may park on the valuables. it particularly is often perfect to think of how you % to apply your assets and ask if their are any covenants.

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  • 1 decade ago

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