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I need a good short story idea. My teacher likes odd but interesting things. Any ideas?

yeah, so i'm supposed to write a short story for my english honors class. my teacher is very cool and likes odd yet compelling things. any ideas? and please don't say just think of somethign and it will come. because i've been doing that for a week and i got nothing.

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    Well, think of something odd or funny that happened to you.

    Maybe you were out with friends and you all got into some mischief- how did it happen? What was the outcome?

    What about a vacation? Did everything go well? Did you go to any out-of -the-way places? I had a friend who went to see the giant ball of yarn. Getting there was more fun than actually seeing the giant ball of yarn!

    When I was in sophomore English, I wrote about getting braces when I was 10 years old. I described sitting in the chair and the whole process of getting the braces. Back then, the orthodontist put them on with a mallet. I wrote it like I was in a medieval torture chamber.

    Use your imagination. I bet you have lots of ideas.

  • Laura
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    Alright, constructive criticism. First, you've got some confusion of verbs and such. Example: "Which ones were clean, which dirty, only heaven knows." Should be "which ones were clean, which dirty, only heaven *knew*." "Were" and "knows" don't agree. Either that or you switch "were" for "are" to agree with "knows". Second, I had a difficult time keeping who was saying what (much less what was supposed to be a thought and what was spoken) straight. You need to do a bit of clean up there - that's where "" and - and ... come in handy. :-) That last bit - about the Trojan war. I'm all confused. Is she studying? Is she in class? Her thoughts and notes or professors words are all jumbled. That needs clarification! I think it is interesting and I'd love to know where this is going. Her name is very intriguing! But you need to work on format and make sure that what things are clear. I wouldn't continue reading this for lack of interest - it would be for the headache I'd develop trying to keep everybodies thoughts, spoken words and narrative straight!

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    well what intrests you? if you like history try writting a fictional story about a time and place in history. I have written two short stories one based in WWII and the other around the civil war. another idea is to write about a holiday (chirstmas and halloween are easiest imo) like the 4th of july or something and make it like a mystery or some other interesting effect that makes sense to the context. hope this helps

  • In my junior year of high school, we had to write a short story about any city/town in our state for Honors English. I picked a quirky little town that a real life Comtess once lived in, and made my story a cheesy ghost story. So, you could always do that.

    Good luck!

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    What about a race car driver sitting in his race car minutes before his next race reflecting on his life as though his entire life has been quick paced and rushed like a race? Or the perspective of a tree in a popular park reflecting on something the tree has seen, such as a lost child or a gang fight. To impress your teacher, don't do the same old first person narrative from the perspective of a person, change up the narration or the perspective. Have someone else telling the story or have the story told through a letter or a diary if you are going to tell it from the perspective of a human. Be creative and make sure the story has a beginning, middle, and end.

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    How about some little ideas for helping you figure out what to write? Irony is good for short stories. Because they're short, you want to get the point across and there's nothing like an ironic situation that can do that. Write something that has a bigger meaning to it, like Aesop's fables. Do you like scary stuff? Go Poe-ish with your writing. The title could be something weird, like, "The Angst of the Plastic Mannequin". Then you could write from the point of view of a broken-hearted mannequin, whether it lives in a store, belongs to a tailor, etc. I don't mean actually use that example, but sometimes short stories that aren't about people are easier to write because possibilities are endless and you won't battle with yourself about making characters realistic. Hell, the mannequin could be an alien stuck on earth. Ha ha!

  • Dave
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    Try this: look through a magazine you fancy, or for online news articles, or through a newspaper and look for a situation/article that intrigues you. Ask yourself 'What if?' 'Suppose?' and 'Why?' while pertaining to the article. Add you own characters - make it your own story - and have fun.

    (I'm sure you can find loads of odd yet compelling story ideas in the above sources I listed.)

  • Anonymous
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    Write a short story about a modern day Rip Van Winkle.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    How about trying to represent the lonliness felt by a young school kid when his friends argue with him and he finds himself alone. You could show it by writing about the argument and then having the boy wake up the next day to find that he is the last person on earth! What would he do? How would he feel? I think this would be bitter sweet - at first he really enjoys it and takes advantage of having empty streets and being able to do what he likes. But soon he finds that he misses people.

    Obviously it has to end with people coming back and the argument being resolved - BUT I'll leave the ending to you.

    (One tip; the 'it was all a dream thing' is a bit tired now so think of something original!!!

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    -The war on nature is going from bad to worse. Nature is opening up new fronts for their offensives and gets into the terrorist buisness...

    - A story where it is the same time from first to last page. You touch down into dozens of peoples mind and build up a story through what they are doing in that few seconds.

    -A terrorist group strikes at your school and takes you as hostages. What would every one do? Who will be the hero that saves the day for you?


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