If a parent moves to another city, does a county have to move the child to foster care close to the parent?

The GAL wants to move her because the only way I can get affordable housing is to move to another county which is 150 miles away. At the moment I'm in a one room trailer with my father which is not acceptable for my daughter. My therapist was at the last MDT meeting and claims that the DFS/CPS at the county which has her is way too hostile and not appropriate in their dealings with this case at all. The workers are too emotionally involved in this case. The GAL seems to be seeing this too. The city where I live is too overcrowded, houses are selling at sky high prices and waiting lists for very expensive apartments are six to ten months. I've already found several places in another town, but need to be able to get my child away from the clutches of this DFS system (they are known for being the most overzealous DFS/CPS in the state, primarily because the judge is biased and they can get away with whatever they want). BTW, this is Wyoming.


lol Dana. Sky-high is subjective too. What I consider sky-high in Wyo is very low in NY or CA. We're selling my mother's house for $170,000. I'm looking at a home for 12k. Want a house you can buy on a month's income? Come here. Still, that means wages are low, but so are food and utility prices. Not to get off on an economics talk here...

I'm hoping the GAL will continue her push for the move. She's a good lady (scared of juries, but still working for the child's interest). When she and I talked we discussed my illness and how essential it was for me to not isolate as I did before DFS intervention. I'd hate to lose her involvement, but a good DFS that wants the best for my daughter would also take an interest in how important it is for me to be in a community where I feel comfortable and make sure I can find affordable housing.

Update 2:

Thank you Angel, and thanks for being a foster parent. I'll be close enough to drive if I have to and I really doubt it will be much longer. My medications have been amazing and really, all that's left is getting proper housing. Once my plan is finished DFS/CPS can't really keep fighting me, can they?

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    I'm a foster mom. In all the years I've been on cases, I have never seen a child moved to be near a parent.

    I've had cases where 1/2 way through the process - the mother moves 2 states away. In order for her to see her kids she had to make her own arrangements. We knew this was hard for her so occassionally we would make the trip so that she could see the kids.

    I think you might be stuck on this one. Hopefully, you are not too far away.

    Another thing to ask for... if they don't move the child closer to you - ask for a 'gas' allowance so that you can get help with the drive to see her etc. I think they call it transportation .....

    good luck

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    Well, I find it hard to believe that prices are "sky high" anywhere in the US in this market. That being said, I don't know that there's any obligation of the foster care people to move your daughter to be nearer to you. On the other hand, it might be in the child's best interest.

    Good luck,

    Dana (attorney, Family Mediator, M.S. Counseling)

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