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If god is in all of us, is he still in HeLa cell cultures?

You know, Henrietta Lacks died back in '51 but the line of cancerous cervical cells taken from her have been cultured, propagated and used in cancer research over and over again ever since. That would mean there's bits of god in them. Would that presence of god, in any way, have affected my PhD research oh so many years ago? I feel so dopey for not ingeniously developing some "godless" human cell blank but I guess it's too late to turn back the clock.

Any thoughts?


B.T. I scoff everywhere!

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    Gee, now I feel stupid. Thanks :P

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    For a Catholic, the answer would be to some extent - Yes.

    Most people woulld expect there to be some functioning nervous system before you would call that a presence of God or a consciousness.

    What is scary is if you create a stem cell, that is a unique genetic code that will never again be seen in the history of the entire Universe - and then you use it for science experiments rather than less that person come into being.

    I'm a bit undecided on that one. If you created it from skin cells from a living person, that is still a potential twin (and thence another person) that you have made, and the same questions exist.

    This new technology is enough to drive you batty.

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    truthfully maximum human beings are literally not Christians maximum are different religions or atheists. and no we do not all keep on with a similar god lutherans (ie: methodist christians baptists etc except mormons) keep on with the Trinity (3 in a million) (Father Son and Holy Spirit) or in additional straightforward words the only and actually genuine God. and buddhists and different ppl like mormons and greek god worshiping ppl believe in numerous distinct such issues as there's a god for each little thing (pretend there is one genuine God) or tht they could themselves grow to be a god by solid works (mormonism) and evolutionists and darwinistic ppl are in basic terms insanely incorrect... the truly thanks to Heaven is through believing that Jesus Christ quite is the Son of God

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    As the Higgs boson god is in everything. the Higgs boson created and maintains the multiverse. Nothing exists without the "GOD PARTICLE"


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    you shouldn't mock pantheists so lightly. they literally are everywhere, and they know where you scoff.

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    'god is in all of us'

    He IS? where did you get that erroneous information...

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