Better sway bars=improve comfort of the ride?

I'm thinking to upgrade the front and rear swaybars of my car, will that improve the comfort of my ride? thanks.

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    Sway bars have nothing to do with comfort. They are for handling in turns, they combat body lean. If you drive fast in turns and feel you have excessive body lean then the sway bars upgrade would be a benefit. Basically the sway bar is trying to make both wheels travel together, generally the larger the sway bar the more tendency to travel together. This won't effect comfort if both wheel go thru the same bump together but a large enough bar might make the ride harsher when just one tire goes thru a bump as it will resist movement as it tries to get the other wheel to follow. I've never installed sway bars on a car that the concern was comfort. All the cars I've done bars on have been sport or performance orientated and they feel tighter, more responsive, allways a positive enhancement.

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    Technically speaking, sway bars (stabilizer bars) should have little to no impact on ride quality. When driving over bumps while travelling in a straight line the bar should simply move with the suspension. If anything, "upgrading" the bars (which usually means making them thicker) increases bar stiffness which would reduce ride comfort, not increase it as the bar will transmit some forces from a bump on one side of the vehicle to the other side.

    If you want to improve ride quality the place to do it is with tires, struts and shocks

    Source(s): High performance driving instructor and autocross champion
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    Sway bars increase the the stiffness of the ride but create better handling in turns.

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    Front: Barely noticeable, more noticeable on cornering

    Rear: probalby give you a more comfortable ride

    Source(s): I did it
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    Thankyou for all the answers!

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