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Hors' Dourves - what is it?

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Hors' Dourves what is it? it was spellt as "horsdourves", but I found another spelling in the web... the only thing i now understand is that it has smth to do with ...show more
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friend If you knew only a little French, you might interpret this phrase as meaning “out of work,” but in fact it means little snack foods served before or outside of (“hors” ) the main dishes of a meal (the “oeuvres” ). English speakers have trouble mastering the sounds in this phrase, but it is normally rendered “or-DERVES,” in a rough approximation of the original. Mangled spellings like “hors’dourves” are not uncommon. Actually, many modern food writers have decided we needn’t try to wrap our tongues around this peculiar foreign phrase and now prefer “starters.” They are also commonly called “appetizers.”

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  • Minna V answered 7 years ago
    Correct spelling is hors d'œuvre; French for appetizers, ie. food served before the main courses of a meal, such as Canapés
    Cold cuts
    Snack foods
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  • friendlystranger65 answered 7 years ago
    Hors d'oeuvres.

    Appetizers, particularly fancy ones.

    Here's a Hors d'oeuvre s menu for you - Hope it helps!

    Chinese Won Tons with a plum Sauce
    Chicken and Shrimp Egg Rolls with a plum sauce
    Pot Stickers with a Sesame Sauce
    Glazed Chicken Drumettes
    Swedish Meatballs
    Italian Meatballs
    Seafood Salad Mold with assorted crackers
    Petite Cocktail Quiches
    Stuffed Deviled Eggs with choice of: coconut and chutney, traditional or topped with caviar
    Imported and Domestic Cheese Display with assorted crackers
    Fresh Fruit Fantasy with Strawberry Chiffon Dip or Chocolate Fondue
    Warmed Spree of Brie Cheese topped with brown sugar and nuts, served with French bread
    Teriyaki Ribbon Chicken or Beef
    Italian Sausage Marinara
    Salmon Mousse on toast rounds
    Cascading Vegetable Display with a fresh dill dip
    London Tea Sandwiches
    California Baja Rolls
    Stuffed Jalapenos
    Tomato, Cucumber and Green bean Salad
    Tomato, Mozzarella and Bermuda Onion Salad
    Bacon Wrapped Dates Stuffed with Sun Dried Apricots
    Fresh Melon Wrapped in Honey Baked Ham
    Mushrooms Stuffed with Spiced Cream Cheese
    Sautéed Mushrooms in a pastry shell
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  • Digby answered 7 years ago
    Classic french - starter - you get an hors d'ourve trolly full of different foods and you pick a mix - like tapas, antipasti, mixed chinese appetizers.
    Things like egg nayo, smoked fish, sliced meats, salads, terrines, pates etc
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  • Emily answered 7 years ago
    A small appetizer such as cheese and crackers, little sausages, etc. Either spelling is fine.
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  • foxtel_iq answered 7 years ago
    pronounced "orr-derr-ves" meaning small portions of food that are used in a similar manner to appetizers. They are almost always savory and can be hot or cold, an example would be deviled eggs.
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  • margarita answered 7 years ago
    Appetizers (before meal snacks).
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  • Hors' Dourves - what is it?
    Hors' Dourves
    what is it? it was spellt as "horsdourves", but
    I found another spelling in the web... the only thing i now understand is that it has smth to do with food
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