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wing nga asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago


Raintree Read and Learn is an extensive collection of non-fiction books for young readers.Each Raed and Learn series helps children discover the world arond them.

Each section begins with a question that helps children focus and learn to form their own questions.Read and Learn books include intriguing photos with labels,a glossary and an index,offering young readers an introduction to these features of non-fiction text.



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    Raintree 讀了和學會是非小說類書的一件廣泛的收藏品為年輕readers.Each Raed 和學會系列幫助孩子發現世界arond 他們。 各個部分從幫助孩子聚焦並且學會形成他們自己的questions.Read 和學會書包括迷人的相片以標籤, 詞彙和索引的問題開始, 提供年輕讀者介紹為非小說類作品文本這些特點。

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  • Baggio
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    Totally agree with 002's point of view !

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