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fu asked in 家用電器其他 - 電器 · 1 decade ago

telephone sim problem 20 marks

I changed my mom telephone's sim and use her phone but my mother discover that the phone's no has all disappear . What is the reason and What should i do!!!!!!!!!!! VERY URGENT!!!!!!!!!! 20 marks will be given.

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  • Icarus
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago
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    The information you gave is not sufficient to make a call.

    Have you deleted any contacts from your mom's phone? Did you press the reset key? Did your mon put her sim card back to the phone and discovered that all contacts have gone? If you haven't done anything wrong, then it should be alright. Contacts would not vanish for no reason. (Well, unless the phone is broken.)

    My guess is your mom stored all contacts on the sim card. Once the sim card was removed, all of her contacts disappeared. Most of the phones have the funcation to read contacts from sim cards. Put your mom's sim back to the phone and ask the phone to read the contacts from the sim memory. Your mom's old contacts could then be retrieved.

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