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Wong asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago

誰人講” Talents are born, but entrepreneurs are made” 這句話


請幫我找這句話是誰說的"Talents are born, but entrepreneurs are made"



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  • 1 decade ago
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    Lloyd Shefsky, a lawyer by training and a consultant to growing businesses by passion, is the author of "Entrepreneurs Are Made Not Born" (McGraw-Hill). Twenty-six years after founding a Chicago law firm that specialized in advising entrepreneurial companies, he quit to start a consulting business to help a few select companies grow.

    "Entrepreneurs Are Made Not Born" addresses the special qualities that all successful entrepreneurs have in common. The author has combined tales of success of leading entrepreneurs with his own experience and theories and shaped them all into concrete lessons that can be followed by anyone dreaming to build a successful business. The reader will learn the secrets of: generating ideas, taking risks, conquering the fear of failure, developing a strong work ethic, breaking the rules and being a maverick, preparing for opportunity in advance, and perhaps most important of all, conquering the popular myths that can stop one: myths ranging from career" to "I would have to give up too much of my private life" to "I'm doing so well where I'm at that I have too much to lose by going off on my own." Once one has read the diverse, inspiring success stories contained in this book, he will know that none of the above myths are true.

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