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丁丁 asked in 科學工程學 · 1 decade ago

推薦 車牌辨識期刊

因為最近老師要我們報告 關於 車牌定位的論文

所以不知道 是不是可以請大大推薦一篇關於車牌定位期刊

麻煩大大囉 小弟感恩不盡


希望是國外的期刊 麻煩囉 感謝大大們

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    A Fast Area Orientation of Truck Identification Image

    <<西南科技大學學報 >>2004年02期, 蔡波 , 朱玉玉, vol. 10 No. 2, p.26-28.


    2008-04-29 16:04:35 補充:


    Automatic license plate recognition

    S.L. Chang, L.S. Chen, Y.C. Chung, S.W. Chen

    Dept. of Inf. & Comput. Educ., Nat. Taiwan Normal Univ., Taipei, Taiwan;

    IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems

    Publication Date: March 2004

    Volume: 5, Issue: 1

    On page(s): 42- 53

    2008-04-29 16:05:11 補充:

    摘要:Automatic license plate recognition (LPR) plays an important role in numerous applications and a number of techniques have been proposed.

    2008-04-29 16:05:18 補充:

    However, most of them worked under restricted conditions, such as fixed illumination, limited vehicle speed, designated routes, and stationary backgrounds.

    2008-04-29 16:05:27 補充:

    In this study, as few constraints as possible on the working environment are considered. The proposed LPR technique consists of two main modules: a license plate locating module and a license number identification module.

    2008-04-29 16:05:35 補充:

    The former characterized by fuzzy disciplines attempts to extract license plates from an input image, while the latter conceptualized in terms of neural subjects aims to identify the number present in a license plate.

    2008-04-29 16:05:40 補充:

    Experiments have been conducted for the respective modules. In the experiment on locating license plates, 1088 images taken from various scenes and under different conditions were employed. Of which, 23 images have been failed to locate the license plates present in the images

    2008-04-29 16:05:52 補充:

    ; the license plate location rate of success is 97.9%. In the experiment on identifying license number, 1065 images, from which license plates have been successfully located, were used.

    2008-04-29 16:05:59 補充:

    Of which, 47 images have been failed to identify the numbers of the license plates located in the images; the identification rate of success is 95.6%. Combining the above two rates, the overall rate of success for our LPR algorithm is 93.7%.

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